Friday, February 20, 2009


I imagined that the bout of laziness was just a temporary thing, you know, like how February is a short month, and you kind of won't miss it if you lost it kind of thing, but when it hits the second week and you still feel lazy like hell, realization hits you like a whack on the shin against a sharp edge.

Anyway, I figured yesterday evening (Thursday) at about 3:00 pm amidst my sleepiness (Ah, and that's another bother - I've been sleeping by 10:30 pm/11 pm, and yet my body tells me it's not enough and retaliates in unimaginable ways) that I have got to stop living life (especially work wise) in paragraphs. You'll surely miss something along the way, and hence I created a to do list under duress.

I am immensely pleased to announce that at this very moment everything up there on the PostIt note has been seen to. Yay!


  1. Me again :) If you are tired all the time, this might be something to do with thyroid. I hope it is not, but it is always a good idea to have that checked along with the blood count.

  2. go you!

    I proscribe lots of water and fresh fruit - and no more caffeine!!

    you'll probably still be tired but your skin will look amazing!

  3. I get sleepy quite a bit too but in my case, I'm just a born sleepy head :D

  4. I couldn't make the picture enlarge, but I liked what I oculd read of the list.

  5. But doesn't the fact that you finished everything on the list mean that you have to start another list?

    Or should I not have said that?


    OK...foret what I wrote above. Rather, pretend like all I said was Congratulations!

  6. Its the same with me, the more I sleep, the more sleepy I feel. I guess, our body gets addicted to the sleep and wants more and more...

    And I've never finished off everything on my To Do List, before i strike off the last thing of it, a new list (or even two) are born.

  7. V: You're right... I've never had a full health examination yet. Maybe it's time I did :)

    Aunty: Thanks... lots of water, yes... fresh fruit, err... but no more caffeine... sigh :D

    Nick: LOL!

    citizen: Yeah, I noticed that too... I thought something was wrong with my browser... anyway, thanks :)

    Travis: You're right... this one was for right before the weekend, so I wouldn't have to worry about work at that time :)

    Rakesh: I understand... as for lists, I used to make them all the time, but stopped somewhere along the way because my desktop started looking like something from outer space :)

  8. When I click it doesn't enlarge :(

  9. Finally fixed it, Orhan... now it does, if you're still interested in reading it :)

  10. I love to-do lists. Last month, I bought an organiser that is basically a forty euro to-do list which magically transforms me into an organised person. However, my actual tasks are far more mundane than yours :(

  11. I love the idea of being magically transformed into an organised person... :)

    Knowing me, though, I'd hide it somewhere far out of reach once it starts telling me what to do ;)


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