Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As the earth spins on it's axis in it's little corner in the milky way, things are happening, and as I see it, the world seems to be throwing one horror story on top of another on a plate and never bothered to decorate it with bits of tomatoes or parsley. Everything seems so serious and so bleak, from crashes to fires, and floods, and it worries me up to a certain extent . Seriously, what's going on?

So while the earth and all the people in it struggle with each blow, is it wrong of me to think that the 'domestic' squabble between two very young singers was kind of funny (which led to the postponement of her concert here which would have broken a few hearts here and there, but still...) or even another story which was in a local tabloid some time ago about a man who threw his wife into a river? She survived, thankfully, but thinks her husband ought to be jailed because that was a terrible thing he did. I know for a fact that if it had been me who was thrown into a river, I'd have most probably died of fright, but I still can't help thinking how funny this story actually is. Perhaps it was the way it was presented, I don't know.

Another story that cracked me up unnecessarily was about a Malaysian man who has been stuck in India and has been unable to come home since his passport expired in 1977. He actually has been held in India because the authorities there wanted to know how he had stayed there for so long! I mean how ironic can the situation be? Most countries deport their illegals immediately, and here is a man (technically, he is an illegal) who wants to go home, but is forced to stay.

Even the oh so naive and innocent comments made by a 13 year old baby faced father who is only four feet tall (seriously, the newspaper should not have mentioned that fact), had me laughing much to the disgust of my sister.

A long time ago, I had openly asked a question on the old blog that went something like this... " How terrible a person am I if I keep getting visions of finishing up someone?" to which there was a reply via a comment made by a friend who asked if I had been reading the Catcher in the Rye. Till today, I never found out what she meant despite having read the book 3 and a half times!
What I'm trying to say (or ask) is, has all the tragic news we've been getting made us any less sensitive to some of the problems faced by people around us?


  1. This was drafted in the early AM last night on paper and I had sort of forgotten the relevence of adding the comment made by my friend.

    But it looked nice up there so I left it, but I have a feeling that I may have left something out


  2. Actually I find this post funny as well; See you try to bring out a valid point but here I am laughing at the irony... he he

    I guess, we really have started laughing off serious matters just because we can't do much.

    Btw, this 13 year old father was too much innit? I try to think what were my thoughts about making babies when I was 13, I can't really remember.

  3. Crazy is what crazy does and people around the world exercise a whole lot of crazy.

  4. Rakesh: Sounds pretty ok to me seeing that I do like making people laugh. I don't remember much about being 13, but I know that making babies was not one of my priorities back then :)

    Orhan: I couldn't agree more! :)

  5. Lol... Not one of your PRIORITIES? Does that mean it was in the list though?

  6. I still think that he is not the real father. Trust me.

  7. Rakesh: The word "definitely" should have gone in there somewhere with my reply

    Faisal: Well, I heard that there's gonna be some DNA testing, so we'll wait and see :)

  8. This is as good an argument as any for teaching about birth control in the schools.


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