Saturday, February 28, 2009


If blogs could talk, I wonder how their conversations with the other blogs who are their friends would be like. Will they complain about neglect or overuse? Or will they talk about the lives of their authors and reveal information that do not grace the pages of the blogs? Or will they just sit comfortably in their respective urls and enjoy each day as it goes by. Alas! This may be something we will never know.

Unfinished Business Part 2 ends it's third year this very day, and is embarking onto it's fourth. Not bad at all for what started as place to secretly back up blog posts (which can explain the blog url, if anyone's ever noticed), which then turned into something else as the days and weeks and years went by. Blogging has been fun at most, and a pretty good way to view something objectively, to remember minor incidents that have happened which would otherwise be forgotten with selective memory as well as to see how we've grown up throughout the years. Even the style of blogging and the contents change throughout the years, minor and subtle mostly, but still there are changes. One thing I used to do was to go back and read the very first posts in blogs I read. It usually gives you a rough idea on what you're expected to expect from the blog. It's pretty cool, really.

Throughout the years, fellow blog enthusiasts (or bloggers, as we're known) have slowly but surely became friends, and one great thing I noticed is that so many of us have so many things in common, and to be honest, this a wonderful place to be in, one of the best places to know that you're not alone when you think of some crazy idea, or that people whom you've never met before can have so much understanding and compassion that you're so touched by their gestures even if it's merely words, or an e-hug. And you all know who you are, from those who were with me when I wrote posts that almost always had a weird ending, those who disappeared along the way together with their blogs never, to be seen again as well as to those who joined in the bandwagon along the years when the stuff began to get more normal. Errr... sort of

I suppose the title of the post says it all, but I'd like to say it again. Thank you everyone!

The very first post

The first blogversary post


  1. Yaay, congrats, Terra, particularly for being such a good blogger all the three years

  2. I am very happy to call you my dear friend, Anu :)

    Congratulations on making it 3 years!

  3. happy blog birthday. If there were no blogs we would never have 'met', which would be a sad thing!

  4. Wah Lau Weh!..I dunno how to wish laa.Happy Anniversary?? Happy Birthday?? But, whatever it is, keep writing and I will keep reading cos aku dah malas nak write:D lol

  5. Kartik: Thank you :)

    Orhan: So am I, Orhan... and thank you :)

    Aunty: Thank you... and how true that is. It would indeed be sad if we had never 'met' :)

    Vivek: Hmmm... I don't really know... some people use blogversary though... :)

  6. Three years of revelling in self-indulgent blabbering! he he...

    Wow, Congratulations TS, But I'm still wondering why Anusha became Terra?

  7. Congrats on your third blogversary. I'll be celebrating my own third blogversary about a week later. Blogging has given us so much. It has contributed so much to my life.

    @ Rakesh: Anusha became Terra after discovering the superheroine in her. :p

  8. Happy Bloggiversary! And good luck in year 4.

  9. Wow, three years! Good for you! A very happy blogiversary to you!

  10. Rakesh: Tis a long story... but Julia explained the gist of it.. that and the fact that I didn't want to be immediately recognisable :D

    Julia: Thank you... blogging has indeed gives us quite a lot :)

    Travis: Thank you :)

    Citizen: Yes, three years have gone by... and thank you :)

  11. I found the post a comment link!!!!


  12. Oh, Okay... I get it now :D


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