Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To irritate or to not irritate

This is old news, first I heard it on the radio (by the way, my two most favourite DJs are back with a vengeance, and loads of my type of music), and then I saw it on Tazeens blog, and because I'm tired of complaining about how tired I am from all the long hours at a certain place, but am still irritated, I give you this, and as usual my own (addled) thoughts in parentheticals.

The top ten most irritating phrases:
1 - At the end of the day (Yes, every day ends at some point... but do we need to stress on it?)
2 - Fairly unique (Surprisingly, this is the first time I'm hearing this one!)
3 - I personally (Reverse that to Personally, I ...)
4 - At this moment in time (Lol! Very dramatic. At this moment it time, I feel like I'm dying, but I just can't drop dead)
5 - With all due respect (Sure...)
6 - Absolutely (Why not? Short and precise)
7 - It's a nightmare (Yes, everything is... )
8 - Shouldn't of (No comment, sorry)
9 - 24/7 (Yeah, more drama, but short and sweet, and precise, and cool)
10 - It's not rocket science (Everybody knows that... ;)

Reading the list, I don't feel the slightest irritation. Perhaps it's just that I seldom ever hear the phrases being overused. Or, maybe I've just been living in my own world all this time...


  1. I used to say shouldn't of all the time..and then I realised it is shouldn't have. Duh me!

  2. hahaha

    except for grammatically incorrect 'shouldn't of' nothing irritated me as well, but only the Brits were interviewed for it and we all know that they happen to be a tad quirky (in a nice of course).

    I am surprised that 'innit' didn't make the list. For those who stayed away from UK for the past 6-7 years, British Youth end every interrogative or exclamatory sentence with innit.

    This dress is wicked, innit?
    The water is cold, innit?

  3. Bloody blogger ate my comment :(

    orhan: you did... This is the first time I'm coming across "shouldn't of" actually

    tazeen: yea, that they are, and their comedies are just awesome. I used to use 'innit' quite a bit (although I wasn't British) some time back.

  4. I would pay to hear you use the words innit and lah in a sentence describing the Australian Outback. It would be beyond lulzy and simply adorable ;)

  5. Lol! That will be a hoot... should I throw in a fake British accent as well?

  6. Oh, my. You just up the ante and blew my mind..didn't even think about it. Yes, yes! Do try on the accent. I'm beginning to see the potential in all of this. I'm talking big profits here. Oh, yes :)

  7. hmm... Most of those phrases don't annoy me - I suppose the 'fairly unique' one comes close. Two that get on my nerves are 'no offence' (which somehow allows the sayer to say whatever they want even if it is offensive) and 'irregardless' (a bastardisation of regardless and irrespective).

    Other annoying phrases are just related to annoying people!

  8. Wow.. you've been quite the blogger lately.. and me without one new post in recent memory! -_-'

    I'll add one to your list..

    "I respect your decision, but.."

    I hate that one.. >=D

  9. orhan: I'll let you know the outcome :)

    aunty: Lol! And I thought irregardless was just bad local grammar! :)

    mike: Hehehe... I'm for quantity over quality right now. So, whatever that pops into the head and stays long enough gets to see the www :)

  10. I submit that #8 is a product of the way we speak. Having said that, it's one of the things in the really big irritatant column.


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