Saturday, November 29, 2008

An Open Letter To Mr. Time

Dear Mr. Time (or whatever else you may be called),

I hope you can read, because this is a desperate plea for more time, please. I just cannot stand spending as much time as I currently do in front of the computer with a mix of processes in mind, a big file, and highlighted segments in numerous excel files that leave me very very confused anymore. It is so annoying to be not able to do anything else (which I'd rather be obviously doing). So yeah, if you're reading this... try to do something. Stop time, or make everyone freeze or something. I don't care!

yours truly,


  1. Yeah that bit about numerous files open at the same time, so gets me. I know that feeling very well... after about an hour of working at one document, I realise it's not the correct one. Then I have to search out the correct one out of a dozen or so open on my task bar.
    I am doing my best to stop time at the moment, I have a good suggestion, join a boring job or start something like copying from one word document to another one line at a time. That sure does stop time for me!

  2. In the meantime..have a hug and embrace for as long as you'd like :)

  3. kartik: yes, the dozen or so files that are open and all interconnected with each other. Hate them... in my case I want time to stop so that I can do all those work and have a life to speak of.

    orhan: aww... thanks :)

  4. Ah... thats the curse of globalization. You just have to run twice as hard to just keep up with the pace ...

  5. Perhaps I should begin being enemies with globalisation now! :)

  6. Breathe, Terra, breathe!

    Hang in there, you'll get things sorted out.


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