Saturday, November 08, 2008

Take a Picture

Technology comes and goes whether you like it or not. From the bulky, heavy types, now you have cameras so slim they fit comfortably in a woman's clutch purse. Back in December 2005, after getting a good review for one particular brand which not many people use because the brand name is better connected with film than with cameras (in this part of the world, anyways) I went in search for it.

Coincidentally, at that time, an obscure little shop in an equally obscure mall was having sales and I went and got it. The camera is pretty cool, a 4MP with the normal functions you get on other cameras. It has served rather well all these years, even falling onto a rock near a shallow pool while I was once attempting to get a photo in the jungle. The camera fortunately did not break although I was afraid that it was the end of its life span because it turned crazy for a bit by eating up several pictures I took..

Anyway, other than a permanent scar, it is fine. Quite a number of people I know have changed cameras several times throughout, going for higher megapixels (but why?), but I don't have the heart to do so until the camera totally decides to cave in to old age. I blame it on my weirdly strong connection with inanimate objects. So while everyone else around me seems to be carrying something which is just out of the market, I still carry one of those sort of bulky fellas that don't fit into a clutch. Besides, I'm not very big on clutches.

The other day about two weeks back, my cousins and I hung out, the click happy ones taking pictures like there was no tomorrow, including candid shots of people's nostrils at strange angles. One of my cousins was checking out my almost 3 year old camera and said that it is "Da bomb". Imagine this coming from someone who uses a new Sony Cybershot. Apparently, the image on my viewfinder is clearer than any image she has seen elsewhere. Oh wow! ;)


  1. Candid shots of people's nostrils are my favorite!! =D

  2. Times are a changing, thats for sure.

    I tell you what though, I've been debating whether to spend $800 on a Canon 1000D for quite sometime and it is getting harder and harder to say no. I have an eye for photography, but it will always remain a hobby and I still can't justify handing over $800 for a hobby.

    And with all these pictures you've supposedly taken why haven't I been lucky enough to see any of them? You're too dman mysterious for your own good ;)

  3. I want to see your photography too!

    If your camera could talk, it would thank you for sticking with it through the years. :-)

  4. mike: No way... ;)

    orhan: I just checked it out. It sure looks ultra cool. As for the pictures, well... in my defence, some of the pictures I took (but not of myself) are scattered here and there. Hmmm... perhaps I should add 'mystery' as my middle nom de blog ;)

    lizza: I've mentioned above that some of the pictures I've taken are scattered around on this blog. However, I need to stress that photography is not my forte, especially using the digital camera. But I do hope that none of you actually want to see the picture of the nostril... ;)

  5. Change is not the problem, I'm not afraid of change as that is an ever present constant in life. The question is what are we changing to? The sad fact of the matter is that President-Elect Obama's ideas are not new, or fresh, they are old, tested, and failures. You could go back to Marx or Stalin, or even as recent as Presidents FDR or Jimmy Carter. Bad policies with a new face doesn't change the fact that they are bad policies, similarly dangerous naivete as a President isn't cute or endearing, it is as originally described, dangerous.

    Not to be completely negative, I did actually hold my fire somewhat, because he isn't President yet and he has yet to impose any of his policies yet. When and if he does, I will further flesh out my argument as I normally do with my posts, instead of simply providing reading material as I did this time around. Sigh.. time will indeed be the test. =P

  6. I have a neat little camera I won at our office holiday party a couple years ago. I love it. It fits in my pocket and takes fine pictures.

    That's all some of us need, right?

  7. mike: don't worry yet :)

    travis: yes, how true. after all, it's the memories that matter! :)

  8. mine's a bit old now too - I think it's four years old and it tends to freak out for a few minutes between taking pictures. Everyone who ever uses it complains about how slow it is, but it's grand.

    I think if something works well you should keep it. I'm on over three years for my mobile phone, which has a battery which still last most of a week. OK it's photo taking ability is a bit shite but it works and until all the buttons actually fall off I'm sticking with it! Also its my stance against this overconsumerist world!

  9. Aunty, my mobile phone is also ancient, but the battery is amazing which is why I can't bear to part with it. Alas, it is camera-less (but not a problem at all). My stance is why contribute to pollution?


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