Sunday, November 09, 2008

Remember those Numbers

It was after 9 p.m. and a woman walking alone was abducted by four men with less than honourable intentions. They took her for a joyride which only they enjoyed, and had confiscated her mobile phone. What they didn't know was that she had two mobile phones, so one still remained in her pocket. Finally after hearing her pleads, they allowed her to get off into the bathroom of a petrol station to do her thing. The smart chick locked the door and immediately called the police. They arrived, and the four men drove away. So one woman was saved from being another number in the papers.

The thing is after reading the article, we kind of discussed what the emergency numbers are. I think the general number is 991, and they connect you with the relevent authorities to help you out. However, an even older incident from the news comes to mind, where the number 991 was used from a mobile phone and it didn't work. Apparently 991 is only accesible from land lines. But in the case of an emergency, how on earth are we supposed to get hold of a land line phone? Reading about this incident just shows how important it is for us to know what the emergency numbers are, be it from the landline or from a mobile phone. And having an extra phone doesn't seem like such a bad idea after all!

Edit: This is what you get with haphazard publishing of posts and "too lazy to do thorough research" bloggers. The latest info from wikipedia states that the emergency number 112 can be accessed via GSM phones. As for the local emergency numbers for each country, there are several nice tables segregated based on continent (with flags!) that you can refer to on this site:


  1. That is indeed a scary story. Something of fiction almost.

    991 is the emergency number? Thats awfully close to 911. Ours is 000. Very simple ;)

  2. Oh, and 9481 1111 for emergency pizza!

  3. Tell me about it, I myself am sometimes out there at 9 pm. Not walking, though... but still. And yes, the 991 was created after the fame of rescue 911 as well as after complaints about how 999 takes a very long time using those old fashioned dial phones. 000 is very simple, and so easy to remember! Lol @ emergency pizza ;)

  4. As far as I remember, I believe 994 was for fire brigade, 999 was for police and ambulance and 991 was for civil defense i think..But somehow they centralized everything to 999..I think so:)

    anyway, i have read that by typing 112 in handphone will lead to the emergency number. Even with it's keypad locked. i tried and it worked. But never really connected the call as i din wanna misuse it..nanti kena

  5. I think there's two different numbers for irish phones as well. 999 from landlines and something like 112 from mobiles. However I think you can ring 999 from mobiles as long as you have credit as well. If you have no credit you should ring the other one. And I'm not entirely sure what that is. Although I do know that even if my phone is locked you can ring the emergency number, as I've nearly done it accidently a few times

  6. vivek: so it's 999 again? And thanks for the 112 heads up :)

    aunty: based on vivek above, it's also 112 here, and available even with the keypad lock on. And landlines use a different number... not very sure about credit availability though...

  7. I hope you never need to use your emergency numbers, Terra.

    Hmmm, now I need to know what our emergency numbers are. But I do know that you can reach McDonald's delivery service here just by dialing 8MCDO. :-D

  8. I've never had to dial 911 (that's the emergency number for the US) from my cell phone. But I'm told that it does connect to emergency services.

    However, I do have the individual numbers for the local police and fire department programmed into my phone.

  9. I tend to believe (and fervently hope/pray) that there is a special place in hell for those 4 pieces of scum you just wrote about. On the positive side of things, it is always a good thing to know emergency numbers/procedures! Kudos to you for an always timely PSA! =D

    ps. PSA = Public Service Announcement.. in case you don't use the same acronym over there =P

  10. lizza: I found some info online that you can refer to, and the Phillippines uses 117. Hopefully none of us here ever have to use those numbers :)

    travis: that's a good thing to do. I remember there was a sticker around the house somewhere with all the numbers, but it seems to have disappeared!

    mike: Too bad they managed to escape... My only worry is that some folks might learn from this incident and start rummaging people's pockets for extra mobile phones!


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