Sunday, November 16, 2008

Terra Complains (Again!)

It's Sunday evening, and I'm still at work. This has been the longest week ever, career wise (If you can call it that.. Ha! Ha!) Just finished a report about half an hour ago, and was about to head back until I saw the condition outside. It's pouring. Like there is no tomorrow. So here I am, waiting for the sky to clear up a bit as I highly doubt it's possible to drive back in that. Sigh...


  1. Working on a Sunday, you busy bee, you.

    Surf, surf, surf while waiting for the downpour to subside.

    And drive home safely!

  2. Make it home safe, please :)

  3. come construction side and u will be working on all the SUNDAYS! especially if the client onli gives us sundays to do major works...

  4. lizza: Cruel cruel November. And I did surf... thanks :)

    orhan: check! thanks... ;)

    vivek: which is why I didn't go into construction ;) But seriously, every Sunday?

  5. Well, at least you're done with the report!

  6. yeah... sunday's one, anyway :)

  7. Working Sundays are bad

    what is it that you do anyways?

  8. True... I'd give anything to get my weekend back. I feel so terrible right now. I'd answer your question Tazeen, but at a different time. You just gave me an idea for a post! :)


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