Sunday, November 23, 2008

Car pooling and the city

The place where we trained. The pink actually matches the blog. Ha! Ha! Not one of the best looking buildings around, though.

I spent two days of the previous week right in the middle of the city, in KL, where the buildings reach dizzying heights, and the unseen boundary between land and where it supposedly ends is practically non-existent. It was for a two day training stint which we were sent for so that when we get back, we will be able to tackle more work related to that training and therefore lead more meaningless daily existence.

Of course, it being the city and all, we went there together in one car. From our workplace, the journey took us about an hour plus. Although I do go to KL at times when meeting up with friends, I usually take the train and only end up seeing what can be seen from the railway tracks... nevertheless, when you actually drive into the city using the normal streets that are usually famous for their bumper to bumper traffic jams, you actually get to see so many buildings close up, and can't help but marvel at how beautiful those buildings are. KL is indeed a beautiful city!

Anyway, on our journey back and forth (there were 4 of us), and we get along pretty fine despite being in different departments, we get into conversations ranging from work to interesting happenings around us and to ribbing one of the guys (lets call him M, who at 25 is the youngest among us, and becomes the 'victim' because he is such a sport about it) Actually, we spent most of journey talking that I could probably write something of novel length here if I brought up all the topics we talked about, but at the moment I'm typing this, I can't seem to recall much. It's amazing the things you can know about people when you travel together and chat about stuff.


  1. I love a good road trip! I've seen pictures of KL and it is indeed beautiful.

  2. Wow, you been socialising a lot with your workmates lately. This is a good thing and making for good blogging materials :)

  3. travis: If only my sense of direction wasn't as lousy as it is, making road trips would be a hobby! :)

    orhan: Lol! Yeah, now that you mention it... Got to keep up the momentum :)

  4. travelling is a really good way of getting to know people - you're right!

    It's great when you have interesting conversations on the move - although sometimes you find out that a person is a dullard! Sounds like that wasn't your situation!

  5. That's something I noticed too... never imagined that our mix could have got along so well. Alas! That's the final training stint we have together as a team

  6. hmmm... you're not like very far away from KL right? probably PJ?

  7. Quite close, zewt... I'm actually in Bah Kut Teh town :)

  8. ahhh... now i know where... :)


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