Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Cough

A strange sound echoes through the night,
Through the morning, and right up to the evening
It's a now common plight,
That leaves her complaining

For a fortnight it has hung out,
Relentless in it's aim
It's something to talk about,
Or so that's the claim

There's a pain in the gut,
Due to shaken ribcages,
She feels like she's stuck in a hut,
Where there's a table full of pages!

The cough, it comes and goes,
It stays, enough to torture,
Even if she stands on her toes,
The cough, it's there to endure.


  1. That was smooth and sweet.

    More of this, please :)

  2. Thanks... didn't know you liked poetry :)

  3. poetic mood eh? been wanting to comment on your blog for so long. vikram drives me up the wall. i like your new layout. neat :)

  4. Yeah, you can say so... poetry (if this can be called that - real poets may turn in their graves!)makes the brain work a bit more. Needed something like that. Don't worry about that... I've been meaning to send you a Diwali message since Diwali and haven't done so till today! Anyway, Vikram is so adorable. And I'm glad you like the new layout. Thanks :)

  5. Funny thing is, I don't. I have one blogger on my blogroll that write poetry only and everytime I'm blown away, this poem was very similar.

  6. Haha... it's a quick way to come up with a post... :)

  7. An ode to a cough...brilliant!

    But you poor thing. I hope you feel better soon.

  8. Yeah... a very persistent one at that! I just wish it would go away...

  9. Somehow poetry seems to fill a page a lot easier than prose, eh?

    I withdrew from my NaNo project also. I just had too much external pressure to properly plan and focus during the month. Perhaps next year.

  10. That's absolutely true... I'm sorry you had to abandon NaNo as well this year.

  11. Ribcage-ratting cough: check
    ANNOYING ISP and lousy customer service: check
    Blogging about the above: check.
    Are we circumstance-twins or something?
    Admittedly I didn't blog about my cough as nicely as you did. I just whined :P
    Oh, and are you from India too?

  12. What an interesting co-incidence. I think our lives are all interconnected in many different ways. Thanks for visiting... :)

    I'm from Malaysia, actually...

  13. Ah, both tropical Eastern countries :D. This makes some strange sense!

    Oh, and that's rattLing, not ratting :x. Blame the rattly cough for ratting on me!


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