Sunday, November 16, 2008

Because I'm Lifeless

I'm at a point where I could fall asleep standing, and yet I'm reluctant to hit the sack seeing that it's only 10: 22 pm at the moment I'm typing this out because it means that I'm acknowledging that whatever is left off the weekend is finally over.

There's something I noticed... November is not fond of me at all. From the very beginning, November has been an intense month. I was getting some documents stamped with something that makes it valid, and I got into conversation with the person who is in charge of ensuring that it is really valid, and she seconded my notion that this November has indeed been cruel! The weird thing is, it has been so the past few years since 2005 with the exception of 2007 (because there's no evidence of me proclaiming it to be a terrible month like I usually do)

So, I shall sit here and ponder about what I'm gonna do in the next hour and a half before it's officially Monday. Hmmm...


  1. I've had a rather intense month myself this year - but I refuse to believe November is evil. It's my birth month and so I'm rather fond of it.

    I have 6 hours left of my weekend, and I will spend it marking essays!

    I've noticed that I believe in the power of weekends too much. I think I will accomplish amazing things in this two day period. Like I always bring home insane amounts of work that I will never do, as well as catch up on all my cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping.. like I thought I would have marked at least one essay by now!

  2. I learned long ago that the weekend is not over until I'm sitting at my desk to begin my work on Monday morning. Why spend any of your own free time contemplating going back to work?

  3. Aw, Terra. Do you want me to sort November out for you? I know people that can get it done for a small fee ;)

  4. Aunty: Lol! November is not evil... it just most probably has something against me.

    And I so agree that about using the weekends to get everything done. Of course it usually never happens because I'm kind of a procrastinator and get distracted way too easily! :)

    travis: Oh, I'd love to learn to be detached that way... alas! it is not so. I even had a dream about the audit we are having today (Monday) :)

    orhan: Lol! Thank you, but no need to trouble yourself. We shall just let December handle it, aight?

  5. Now that you have mentioned, I have noticed that November has not been too kind to me as well


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