Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Because Updates are Necessary Sometimes

It's hard to leave something unattended for a bit too long especially after it's been given a new set of clothes, so blogger's block or not, here goes...

1. Yeah, it's still there. In fact it questioned my appearance here.
2. How is it possible to lose both earrings from one ear, and that they are nowhere to be seen? I feel like a pirate with only 1 ear with earrings. Soon, each hole is going to sport lone designs as a homage to their lost partners.
3. I don't feel it yet, but I'm going to miss the smiley earring.
4. My NaNoWriMo story this year sucks. If it were in paper, I'd send it for recycling. I also have a NaNo block
5. The French word for water is 'eau'. I had a tough time recalling it last Friday during a conversation. Just so I don't forget, it's 'mizu' in Japanese.
6. That proves the point of how lousy I am at languages
7. You learn a lot of things about your colleagues during a fire drill.
8. If it was a real fire you might just learn how they/you look dead.
9. The ribcage hurts because of all the coughing
10.Sometimes 2 packets of Fisherman's Friend will still not help send your cough back to where it came from.
11.Then you get to your third pack and promise yourself it's the last
12.Sadly, most of the time, even the doctors can't help much.
13.The positive news is that everyone near you seems to be displaying the same symptoms.
14.Which means that you're not dying yet
15.But it also could mean that all the chemicals that are swirling around you have finally got to you and your friends
16.Deadlines are creepy. Dead lines mean nothing
17.I use the laptop on the floor (cause it is too hot for the lap), so when I stand near it, I can't hear my music well, but I can hear the music from another room!
18.I'm a bit bummed that the team I was rooting for in The Amazing Race Asia got eliminated last week.
19.No Woman No Cry....


  1. hey, I feel your coughing pain, I'm just over mine.

    And November has only just started, so you could turn your novel around yet!

  2. Ack.. still sick!!?? -_-' Hurry up and get better.. that's probably whats mucking up your writing.. =/

    PS. Pirates rock!

  3. aunty: hehehe... it sucks, and yes, I guess there is still some hope left.... I need 8335 words by 11:59 pm to catch up with the paln!

    mike: it's an on and off thing, but I assure you it's no fun when you have to pause mid sentence every time you cough.

  4. You learn a lot of things about your colleagues during a fire drill.

    This made me smile because it is so damn true. Idiots surround us :)

  5. Glad to have been able to contribute to a smile :)

  6. I know our NanoWriMo champ Ian will always be happy to help you out, if you need help unblocking.

    Oh I love languages, but I lack follow up. Maybe you can teach me your language. :-)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. hmmmm... wat did you learn from your colleagues during the fire drill?

  8. i just love the new layout


  9. lizza: I'm scared of languages... I could teach you mine, after all I think tagalok and malay might have some common words :)

    zewt: haha... here goes:
    1. I found out from this guy that he was working in the factory where there was an explosion in a chemical factory back in 2000/2000. The explosion could be heard until my house
    2. There are 8 pregnant women in the whole company.
    3. That this guy and I are actually having very similar symptoms (non stop coughing, feeling cold, etc)

    tazeen: thanks :)

  10. ohh... i tot something more juicy than that... hah!

  11. Sorry to disappoint ya... but yeah, no juice ;)


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