Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Those Instant Messenger Thingys

I think I might have just scared someone into never logging in to YM anymore. Ha! Ha!

It took me about a year and a half to start using YM again after a few incidents of spam messages from spammers (who else?) as well as the need to avoid certain people and of course the disappearance of the original people whom I used to communicate via YM. The main reason however was because Yahoo! and everything that contained that word was banned at work, and Vista (at home) had the habit of jamming up each time I opened YM (still does, but not as frequently as before)

Anyway, I was logged on to YM just awhile ago, chatted for awhile with a friend who logged out soon after to have dinner. As I was staring at the blogger page wondering why I can't seem to write anything properly these days (I must admit, churning out posts is becoming alarmingly difficult... perhaps it is time for a break, which I don't feel like taking) I saw an old 'friend' pop online.

Now for a bit of history, this friend and I connected pretty well back in the day, sharing similar interest in books and writing, and although we did get cut off from each other for awhile after graduation, we managed to reconnect about a year and a half later. And then after two years of communicating, all of a sudden, this person disappears from the face of the universe (deletes me from his Friendster list (one of the earlier social networks that I joined because he invited me as he liked to keep 'all his friends under one roof') Those were his exact words. So I was a tad bit puzzled over that exceedingly unfriendly act.

Ever since then, this person has been missing in action, but I suppose everyone has their reasons for doing so. My sister says he's constantly PMSing... which I suppose could be the case. As I have recently started using YM again, I noticed this person come online only to go offline a few seconds later. Out of respect for his decision to not want to communicate with me anymore, I left him well alone. Except for today, that is.

And guess what, the moment I sent a message (a short one saying 'hello'), he immediately went offline again. So much for trying to reconnect. I bet he's going to remain invisible for a long, long time after this. But then again, this whole thing might just be part of my imagination!


  1. Oh, thanks SS. Back to blogging again, I hope?

  2. he's constantly PMSing

    I used to be like that.

    Start using MSN, dang it!

  3. What a weirdo. these types can't be helped.

  4. I know another person who pulled a disappearing act not too long ago. Sometimes I do wish I knew what's their problem, but then when I think again, I'd rather not. At least they provide for blog fodder :)

  5. You know i never quite got onto the whole 'chatting' bandwagon....i just type too damn slowly and by then the person has gone off to have cybersex with a quicker typer...LOL!!!!

  6. LOL! You must be talking about those MIRC/chatroom type chats... never liked those because every single person there was obsessed with the asl thing.

  7. Hey terra,

    I used to chat alot with msn and ym..Now no time edi lor..prefer facebook chat..quick and easy. My msn is switched on also, will be kept in busy mode until someone buzz me.:)

    Maybe that fren of urs is secretly admiring you and when u buzz him, he got shy edi:P

  8. He loves you yeah, yeah, yeah

  9. I think you should stalk him through offline msges ..dont let him till he delete u from YM acc as well ;)

  10. The MSN recommendation is seconded, by the way, so he'll stop his bitching :P

  11. SS: That's excellent... :)

    Vivek: I've used FB chat only once... when I was menyibukking in my sister's account. Hehehe (She was there beside me, so I wasn't invading her privacy or anything)LOL... your theory about my friend is damn funny, but I am quite sure that is not the case...

    Woozie: Ha! Ha! (and no no no)... What's with all this love for MSN?

    Jai: Oh, I don't want to stalk him... but I want to find his blog, if he has one. ;)

  12. no unfinished-sparks between you all ???

  13. Nope... not even with the help of a fire-starter :)


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