Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A lil' Bit of Quiet

Things have been a little quiet on the blogging front in recent days. Staring at the empty blogger blog form doesn't help, sitting, standing or sleeping with a pencil and paper didn't help either. For the first time after 4 years of almost consistent blogging I have nothing to say. Nothing. Completamente nada.

Fine, maybe I exaggerate. I did have things to say, but the moment they moved from my brains to electronic form, they seemed to lose their worthiness of being a full fledged post. Take this for instance, something I wanted to post on Monday night: "Seriously, why do some people have to ask stupid questions just so that they can say something?" Now, that was because we had about 15 minutes of our time wasted because someone asked a stupid question during a meeting. He probably felt he needed to ask the question just so that he would look good, and be in the loop. For a few of us sitting at the back, me drafting out a prospective post in my head, and the guy next to me for instance, the question was almost pointless. As that sentence sat in the post form waiting to be elaborated on, I figured that making noise over that would make me look idiotic as well. So that was it. I saved it as a draft and left it alone.

And then of course I wanted to blog about my worries of not knowing what is the proper thing to say to a colleague (we are also friends since we work together a lot) who has had his wedding cancelled under very well kept secret circumstances. One day the rest of us were busy discussing convoy plans (the wedding was to be in a different state 2 hours away by car), and the next day we find out it's been cancelled. I know he's feeling terrible because I've seen his facebook status updates about how he has to put a strong front while at work and when he goes back to his house at night, he's just not strong enough, etc... but seriously, what do you say? I didn't blog about this because it seemed like a strange thing to blog about - someone else's story (surprisingly, that has never bothered me before)

Now, I could have taken a break, but as history has proven time and again, each time I declare taking a break, interesting things start happening and I'll be miserable because I'm supposedly on a break and should not be blogging. That's it... hopefully with this 'all over the place' kind of post, I would be able to blog normally again, and a special thanks to Orhan for indirectly hinting at me to update! :)


  1. even your blogging about how you've nothing to blog about is entertaining!

    Also that poor guy with the wedding.

  2. Don't feel so bad my dear ........

    MsUniCorn Girl

  3. Aunty: Oh. Thanks... Yeah, poor guy indeed

    MsUnicorn Girl: Aww.. I don't think I feel bad. Actually I don't know how I feel...

  4. Let it come naturally. We all have our blocks :)

    And of course you don't feel bad, you're evil!

  5. I think I'd find myself wondering incessantly about the co-worker's wedding.

  6. Orhan: Funny, I think I just needed someone to tell me to blog (no matter how indirect) So despite you calling me evil, I have to say thanks ;)

    secret agent woman: I know... I'm terribly curious myself, but the story will come out soon enough. My workplace is where secrets can never be kept safely.

    Travis: Oh yeah... it does feel good rambling.

  7. For someone with nothing to say, you sure did write quite a lot ... LOL!

    It's the same for me, you'll notice I haven't updated my blog in a bit too ...

  8. Ummm... yeah, that happens sometimes, LOL. And yes, I did notice you've been quiet, but I thought it was because of your back ache. Hope you're feeling better now...

  9. you did well, terra, considering...

    as for things like that guy's wedding, that's why, most times, i don't mention plans til they're more or less certain... like getting my new pup a week ago today... i had paid for him five weeks prior, so was reasonably sure he was mine when he got old enough...

  10. LOL... yeah, I know.

    Actually, the wedding was cancelled 2 weeks prior to the date, after he had given us the invitation. Something must have gone terribly wrong!

  11. i got bunch of draft in blogger and i don't know when is the best time for me to post it.

    short stories, real life stories and many more. but after a while, you'll think its not necessary to be posted and shared.

    sometimes, we get marry for the sake of other people do :)

  12. Yeah, that's the case... exactly.

  13. Sometimes I take breaks too to recharge. It is needed from blogging and there's nothing wrong with it. And if interesting things do happen you can keep us waiting in suspense with a teaser blog post of what's to come.

  14. LOL. I know... I have done the same myself.


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