Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poet(s) in the Making

In the beginning there was a sheet of A3 paper, and on it was printed many columns and words and numbers that would look Greek to an outsider. Nanoskova carried the sheet carefully to where I was and proceeded to tell me that Levin asked that it be passed to me first before going into production. Apparently I was supposed to know what to do with it.

Well, as much as I pondered over it (it was given to me a few minutes before lunch break) so the pondering only lasted through that few minutes plus over here and there throughout break, I couldn't seem to find out what it was... so I contacted Levin via our internal chat, a very useful tool if I may say so myself.

Anyway, over our conversation I found out
a) I actually knew what to do, but since we had solved the earlier problem, it was now unnecessary (sighs in relief)
b) Levin can write rhymes/poetry about work related stuff!

Who knew that my seasonal nonsensical haikus over facebook had influenced my colleague to get all poetic and stuff, although he says that half the time he doesn't get what I'm saying - citing the reason being he is not in my circle (Not really true, I'm afraid - my 'circle' unfortunately doesn't even know I like to write and are unaware of the existence of this blog) It's however, nice to know that I can be influential at times... :)


  1. I like the part you describe as " seasonal nonsensical haikus " .

    Ms UniCorn Girl

  2. You ARE influential. No doubt :)

  3. The Facebook people will never find the blog and if they do, the won't read it. They can't grasp the blog concept. Everything must stay on Facebook.

    Levin should enter one of those poetry contests.

  4. Aunty: I know, right... :)

    MsUnicorn Girl: Oh, thank you :)

    Orhan: Aww, that's sweet. Thank you.. :)

    Ricardo: Well, it depends, I guess. If Levin knows I have a blog, he will most probably visit it.

  5. At my previous job, sometimes I'd scribble several haiku about silly things that would happen at work.

    I don't do that so much at the new job, mostly because I'm still way too busy.


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