Sunday, June 07, 2009

Random Weekend Stuff

1. Some people really should never ever be allowed to drive on the roads. Especially the tai-tais who drive cars that are a bit too big for them (and possibly their brains), but don't really know how to drive or how to observe basic road rules. Stupid woman in the Honda this morning... Grrr! PS: I took down your plate number. Ha! Ha!

2. Taking pain killers and then exercising makes you feel as though you're floating on air... you need to rest your head on the handles of whatever machine you're using to bring yourself back to earth.

3. The weather's been way too hot to do anything... there's a perpetual headache, you can't sit still, eating is painful, and all you want is to sit in a refrigerator. Or buy an iceberg.

4. Lost things come back to you when it's least expected. No joke!!

5. Keeping your water bottle in the freezer and then remembering that you kept it in there 3 hours later gives you gorgeous formations of ice crystals.

6. The amazing thing about original parts is that they also withstand being trod on by careless people (ie: me), by only showing small signs of cracking. I'm impressed.

7. The sister's been ignoring me this past weekend with her Grey's Anatomy marathon... and she doesn't even really like the show to begin with. :(


  1. OMG i sooo agree with you regarding Numero Uno la!!! They are a bucnh of fucktards who should be banned from the road!

    And why is it that they persist in buying big vehicles that they cant bloody maneuver???? I'm convinced they're married to husbands who have tiny penises!...which would explain they're lack of skills :p

  2. I found myself growling at traffic all last week. It seemed a bit worse than normal.

  3. No6 is so true...My IBM labtop is five years old...and its still works perfectly after one "drop test"(by my cousin) and uncountable "vibration test" (I carry my labtop in my handbag).

  4. I had a section on my blog called Moron of the week where I post images of morons doing stupid things. You could always send me the pix of the moron in a honda and I'll be more than glad to post it for you, plate number and all :D

  5. Sabrina: Posters perhaps... "Take the Tai-tais off the roads" Then we hold a peaceful march. I believe our traffic jam woes will be reduced tenfold!!

    Travis: Traffic is very growl inducing indeed, even hereabouts. I blame it on the weather!

    Jai: Oh wow... that's good! My lappy was assembled in China... tak berani nak buat drop test. LOL

    Nick: Alas... I'm very old school, didn't have a camera to take a picture, but I wrote down the number instead.

  6. I gotta agree with number 1!:) Damn, I hate it when I see BMWs, Mercs, Hondas or other luxury cars being driven like a bull cart..Memalukan! Maybe they should pass a rule that if we see someone driving a nicer car in a way less skillful than us, then we are entitled to rampas their car..:)

  7. You had a ' fabulous sunday ' didn't you ...??? :)

    MsUniCorn Girl

  8. Vivek: These people are endangering the life of others. Imagine... I had to slam on my brakes at 9am on a Sunday morning!! Thank goodness I was only going at 50.

    MsUnicorn Girl: Well, what can I say? :)

  9. There are many stupid people on the road. We simply cant't stop them al. Why is your sister stuck on a show that she's feeling "meh" about?

  10. # 5 made me smile :)

    And what exactly are you doing taking so many pain killers before exercising?

  11. i get that Grey's Anatomy thing that your sister does. i've missed about 90% of the current series showing on telly, but i happened to catch it last week and i could not look away.

    why is that?
    i don't even like that mcdreamy chap.

  12. Ricardo: Yes, there are... I don't know myself, but she could've been depressed or curious, or perhaps it's the same situation as the projectivist below.

    Orhan: They're pretty... As for the painkillers, hmmm... bad weather = bad headache. Been having it on and off since last Friday. It's still here, though mildly. It was quite bad on Saturday, but I HAD to go to the gym... so took some medication and tried exercising. Failed.

    Projectivist: You could be right... I used to follow the 1st and 2and seasons, but never did marathons. Maybe it's just plain curiosity :) And thanks for dropping by...

  13. unsafe drivers make me crazy. I hate when I forget things and then suddenly remember after it's too late.

  14. They do... I hate lost thoughts and ideas as well, but that's something which happens all the time...

  15. Aw, cute.

    Also, with your sister watching a show she doesn't really like, I used to say that with alot of shows (and movies, bands, etc) that I now openly admit I like. Don't take it personally :)

  16. I wont... just needed to get it out. Funny thing between the sis and me, we communicate better online :)

  17. Re: lost things...

    About two weeks ago, I lost a pair of earrings under my boyfriend's pillow(do not ask). Two days ago ONE of them(ARGH!) turned up somewhere near his waist, while he was on his bed.
    The sheets and pillowcases had been changed in the meantime.
    WTF, anyone?

  18. Suki, I think earrings are meant to disappear from time to time, especially if they are tiny and cute. I have a whole collection of 'single' earrings which I occasionally use on any of the 4 holes on my ears. Makes me feel like a pirate!


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