Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aw Worthy Moments are Made of These

So, my second favourite 24 year old (who is otherwise known as my sister's boyfriend) is back in Malaysia for his summer holidays after wrestling with bones, tissues and psychiatric patients since September last year.

Due to a series of (mostly unexpected) incidents, my sister came back yesterday from her usual weekday abode and was supposed to meet up with him at home somewhere after 7:30 pm to go for dinner. And for the first time ever (according to my sister), he was punctual and had to wait for her instead.. because she assumed he would be late (and I think I should stop saying anything here or she'll have my head when she reads this!!)

Anyway, as he was waiting for her, he actually turned to look for me and asked where I was! (Of course I wasn't there at that moment because I worked late yesterday, having filled the whole day with *nasty discussions but I must say I was immensely touched by that gesture) And that, I think... is a very aw worthy moment. He is in fact very close to becoming my favourite 24 year old!

*will be elaborated on, perhaps someday


  1. Who is your favourite? It can't be me since I'm 100 years old!

  2. My sister. You can be my favourite 27 year old :)

  3. Well that was nice. You're teasing us with the promise of elaboration I see.

  4. LOL... it does look that way, indeed.

  5. nasty discussions eh??

    curious now. Also I had an imagine of your sister's boyfriend wrestling with bones in a WWF style ring.... presumably not what you meant but it entertained me!!

  6. Yep... as you can see, I've put it up... without major procrastinations!! Hahaha... him wrestling with bones (literally) would be rather adorable! LOL...

  7. I think I might have had a favorite 24 year old at some point, but then he became 25.


  8. LOL! It happens sooner or later, I guess


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