Friday, June 05, 2009

Paranoid Android

Thursday. It was slightly after 6pm, and due to some urgency, I tried to get through to my parents by calling them at home. The phone rang, but no one picked up. That was odd. Someone's always in, I know... I thought they might have gone somewhere although it seemed unlikely at that time, so I call my dad's mobile, which he doesn't pick up either. Even more odd... I thought they had gone out and forgotten to take the mobile phone (Dad's famous for doing that)

Anyway, I spent the next hour and a half intermittently trying to call them to no avail. I even thought something might be wrong with my phone, so I used the office phone as well, and even when no one picked up then, I made the mad assumption that both my parents were dead!

The good news is, they're fine. The not so good news is the house phone was dead and they didn't know. We later on found out that the wire outside had snapped. It has since been rectified. Dad's mobile phone was in silent mode (Why?) The really bad news is, I've become like my parents. Paranoid. I'd like to say that I understand them worrying now when I don't give them an hourly update of my whereabouts when I'm out, but I still don't.

** Idea for title thanks to radiohead (they don't know about it, though)


  1. Aw, that is so cute. Love has so very many side effects.

  2. hey they gurl !

    many times , I too encounter the very same situation and vice versa......snif!snif!snif

    MsUniCorn Girl

  3. i did that, when my folk were still alive...

  4. Isn't it strange how that all works? You become the parent and the parents become child like? this is more common than we think.

  5. Orhan: I need help... turning paranoid was never in my list of things to do!

    MsUnicorn Girl: Well, it's good to know that we're not alone on this

    laughingwolf: ok...

    Ricardo: Yes, it is quite strange indeed... they laughed at me when I told them what I thought!

    Popsie: I guess...

  6. Ooh are u a Radiohead fan??? I use that 'phrase' all the time

    And you know this exact situation has happenend countless times to me...and each time i still panic and go totally mental! Perhaps it's God's way of trying to teach us to have more faith or something....who knows

  7. I like their work, (at least the ones I know)... they do have a knack for giving awesome titles to their songs, anyways....

    It is a bit unnerving, after all just the other day there were attacks on two different elderly people...

  8. I'm as paranoid as you are. There was this time I couldn't reach my wife on her cell and was so worried that I drove home all the way from work only to find out she forgot to switch it on ... LOL!

  9. LOL... when you look back at it, it is indeed funny. I left work earlier than I intended to as well because of this.

  10. hourly update? wow... you're not a child anymore lah...

    and i tot ppl dont call LAN line anymore.

  11. Gosh, Zewt.. I was exaggerating about the hourly updatelah... :)

    But yup, the land line is still used.


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