Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Control vs Convenience

Plans don't always turn out the way you want them to. I have lived by that and survived, I should know.

It's been in my mind since somewhere last year to find a new ride to replace Chiquita who has done her part well since August of 2004, not that we weren't without problems, the drive shaft incident being the most horrifying of the lot. The only reason why this never happened was because:

a) I couldn't decide about the type of car I should get. One was dream car version 2008 (cool and spiffy looking), while the other was a more practical idea of a car, which coincidentally is driven by many others as well.
b) I really didn't have the time to do anything about it then
c) I could never decide if I wanted a manual or automatic transmission car.

Now, from the moment I started driving till today, I've always been driving manual, the only bit of automatic driving I ever did was when I test drove an old Nissan around the neighbourhood, and another time when I had to back up my aunt's car when she went to pay the bills because someone wanted to move. And that was ages ago. I know for a fact that if anyone happened to give me an automatic transmission car this very minute and asked me to drive, I 'd probably decline.

Part of me thinks that maybe it's time to leave the manual driving behind and go automatic. Besides, it's so much more convenient that changing gears each time you slow down because there is a roadbump, or when you're in bumper to bumper traffic. On the other hand, I totally love the speedy pick up of a manual transmission car, and it's ability to go uphill slightly faster that the automatics...

I'd like to know what the rest of you think... manual transmission or automatic transmission, and why?


  1. With then traffic we have these days, I'd say go for an auto but then I've always been a manual sort of guy.

    My theory is with a manual, you drive the car but with a auto, the car drives you instead and I always want control over my car :D

  2. Hullo! Would you be able to make it for our bloggers' gathering?

  3. I doubt I will ever learn how to drive a manual simply because I never intend to race my vehicle or anyone elses. Go with whatever makes you feel comfortable :)

  4. In Dubai traffic, definitely Automatic.

    How many hills do you have to climb in your daily drive btw? he he

  5. Nick: Yeah... I understand. I've been a manual kind of girl LOL. But a change shouldn't be too bad, I guess...

    sabrina: I will get back to you on this one... :)

    Orhan: I will... but driving a manual car is not about racing only... :)

    Rakesh: For work... 4 on the way and 3 on the way back. :)

  6. I can't remember how to drive a manual transmission car. Go with the automatic for a change of pace. Change is usually exciting and fun besides it is much easier-you deserve a little easy don't you? Do I sound like a used car salesman yet?

  7. LOL! Do you want to sound like a used car salesman?

  8. Manual. its not even an option :)

  9. Oh.. you're the first supporter of manual, you know... :)

  10. There are many people who love the manual but I am at a point that I don't want to thin. Give me the automatic. Lazy.

  11. That's what I heard about the automatic... the car drives you instead of the other way round

  12. I was taught how to drive on an automatic, but I really learned to drive on a manual transmission...I had a Nissan pick up, which is the first vehicle I bought on my own.

    I enjoy driving either, but I won't ever go back to a manual. I can't handle it physical anymore with my bad knees.

    And I disagree with the adage that you don't drive an automatic. You may not change gears, but you are always responsible for controlling the vehicle when you get behind the wheel. An automatic transmission is simply that...it changes it's own gears. It does not steer or make decisions for you.

  13. Thank you for your feedback, Travis :)


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