Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On Why Life is a Blogpost Waiting To happen Part III

The machine stands in it's own corner, ever so often visited by people whose intentions are to burn as many calories as they possibly can. Normal people call it the wave machine, people like my sister and myself call it the 'ass' machine (Mainly because we didn't know better)

The other day, I was using this particular machine at the furthest corner possible because I have observed that people like to observe your speed settings while pretending to work out (not that they don't work out, but you will know when someone's eye is on your machine's display), and figured that I might as well only have one person look at my incredibly pathetic settings instead of two. Corners rule! Anyway, I have come to realise one thing. The machine apparently doesn't like me as much.

So, I was doing my thing on the machine at moderate settings, with my water bottle perched in the water bottle holder the manufacturers put there... at one point in the middle, I wanted to increase the speed, so I set my head down, braced myself and sped away... Unfortunately, this led to me knocking down the water bottle which decides to dive right into the back of the machine while making such a terrible ruckus. I could feel people looking at me. (There was once a poor man who fell off the treadmill because it was at the highest speed, I think... and everyone just looked at him) It then decides to hide in the back of the machine. I crouch to get a better hold of my bottle, but all I did was to push it in even further, and hurt my hand in the process. All this while, I'm laughing like an idiot because such silly things seem to happen to me more often that I'd like them to.

By this time, the lady on the machine next to me gets down as well and offers to help me get my bottle from there. Together, we pry the leg stands away, and my bottle is rescued with a few scratches and without any permanent injury.

Common theme: On Why Life is a Blogpost Waiting to Happen Part II


  1. I just googled wave machine.... I haven't seen it at my gym yet. Looks a little scary.

    I hate people looking at my pathetic low-level training too - not that I'm saying your training is pathetic low level, but you know what I mean. Sometimes I feel like getting a gym T-shirt which says 'alright so I'm less fit than you, but that just means I've more right to be here!'

    Actually I'm sure people are lost in their own little worlds and not actually judging my 'intensity level = 1'

  2. I don't think I'm doing it right, I just Google'd wav machine and got some real badass surfing wave makers. I want one of THOSE!

    but all I did was to push it in even further

    I know how this feels :(

  3. I should give this a try one of these days now that you have decribed your experience :D. Have seen it at the gym I go to but was never interested in using it ....)

    MsUniCorn Girl

  4. Work out etiquette specifically states that you always keep your eyes on your own machine.

    Although, you may heckle when it comes to the settings on weight lifting machines, as long as you can lift more than you've just heckled!

  5. I always knew gym machines were a sick form of torture and ridicule. No wonder I stay away from Gyms! LOL!

  6. Aunty: Yeah, it does... but like everything else you get used to it. LOL... my training level is pathetic indeed. Just look at our fitness blog ;)

    Orhan: Oh gosh... I saw them too. They're cooler. Way cooler...

    MsUnicorn Girl: It's a splendid machine... just don't let your head knock down your water bottle ;)

    Travis: Exactly... I don't know what they get by peeking at my pathetic training levels? I'm planning to make gymming a lifelong thing, so there's no harm in going at a slower pace, right?

    Nick: LOL... They're not that bad once you get acquainted. Seriously...

  7. You realize you have to get a few moments on this machine saved to video and put onto the blog, right?

  8. I've often felt that the gym was designed to make most of us look like fools! I can't tell you how many times i've been embarassed as well!

  9. Ricardo: LOL... I have no intentions of scaring people away from this blog... :)

    Sabrina: Oh yes, too many embarrassing encounters...

  10. Actually I'm with Sabrina... I'm beginning to think that gym are elaborate conspiracies to make people look sweaty and ridiculous.... I never seem to get anywhere no matter how often I go - an elaborate joke at all our expense seems the likliest explanation.

    As for the exercise blog... well I feel a bit guilty about that lately!!

  11. Ha ha! Those machines can be evil.

  12. Aunty: The only thing gymming has done for me is make me feel healthier... not that I'm complaining. I equally feel guilty about our exercise blog...

    Citizen: Probably... ;)


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