Monday, May 18, 2009

A Tale of the Runaway Crows and a Badminton Net

This is a scenario we don't often encounter that I just have to share it because the whole thing seemed to be very funny at that time.

Despite having all windows closed, a wonderfully advanced ventilation system, and dust prevention methods using double doors (one remains closed while the other one opens) and the amazing contraption that is known as an air shower, two runaway crows (wingspan at least 12 inches/30 cm across) have managed to weasel their way in and and are now flying around the factory on the first floor area. A badminton net is fixed upon one corner to trap them, and three maintanence staff are assigned to catch those crows before anything terrible happens to either the crows or to the people who are working in that area.

It looks like a hopeless situation, though... the crows are still flying and are going nowhere near the net, they're also avoiding the windows that were thrown open just for them (perhaps they are traumatised by their previous encounter with the windows that would have sent them flying backwards for a bit)

How do you tell a crow that you want to help it get out safely and not hurt it?

Update: The crows have finally been caught and left where they belong. We apparently had to get in a crow expert (and I bet you never guessed they existed), and the whole maintenance team. From where I was, it sounded like cheers and jeers during a particularly exciting football match!


  1. Well, maybe they kinda enjoyed the air-conditioning of your office, what with the heat wave and all :D

    But seriously, I didn't know there were crow experts.

  2. Who knows what their ulterior motive was? Hehehe...

    Neither did I till today. :)

  3. he he, you know, this reminds me of what I used to do. I used to let a sparrow in my room and close the door and window. Then I'd try and catch him climbing on the cupboard run after him and all... Never caught him though.

    I think even he enjoyed that little game with me since this never scared him from entering the room again :)

    But actually, i've noticed, there aren't any sparrows in town anymore.

  4. You didn't need crow experts. Could've used racquets to whack the birds into the net. I'm an expert at that... the shuttlecock never clears the net when I smash.

  5. I've had that problme with birds getting in the porch - they panic and can't possibly know you are trying to help them. But I always manage to catch them, usually by throwing a towel over them.

  6. That would have motivated an otherwise boring day! No doubt.

  7. Rakesh: I do hope you were a small kid when you did that. The poor sparrow!!

    Sree: I wasn't part of the crow chasing crew, thankfully though I did hear of one of the crows getting beaten into submission, but not with a racquet.

    Citizen: Yeah... that's very true, actually. I need to remember about using towels, just in case it happens again.

    Aunty: Yes... everyone at work thought so too!

    Orhan: I think it did... I bet the story would be repeated over and over to all those who missed it as well as to any new staff in the coming years...

  8. I can never imagine this to be a football match .......! Sounds more logic with a game of badminton =)

    MsUniCorn Girl

  9. much exactly does a crow expert make? Do they charge per hour or per bird? :p

  10. MsUnicorn Girl: Do not be fooled by the badminton net. They didn't have anything else. The noise made reminded me of the time when a big bunch of people would sit in front of the TV at the mamak stall watching football together!

    sabrina: Why? Are you interested in doing down that path? :p

  11. Yikes! At least it all ended well.


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