Friday, May 15, 2009

Scraps of Honesty - part II

1. I had a pet goldfish once, called Blondie (after the band) It used to swim without a care in the world in one of those small bowls until it suddenly died one day. This upset me terribly that I buried it in our front yard.
Answer: False. I never had a pet.

2. When I was much younger I used to spend all my time not doing anything else with a book. Even while walking. This has caused a couple of twisted ankle incidents due to encounters with drains.
Answer: True.

3. When we were kids, my sister and I used to play 'civilisation' type games in our front yard (backyards were a no go zone due to it's tendency to attract snakes) with stones, sticks and self made flags.
Answer: True

4. In August of last year, I had gone for a team building training in the jungle. However, I had twisted my ankle even before entering the jungle. Nevertheless, I was determined to complete the training, so armed with painkillers and a good bandage I entered the jungle, fed by adrenaline. When I came back later, my ankle was so badly hurt that I had to walk with a cane for two weeks!
Answer: False. Everything else happened, except for the part about walking with a cane.

5. I'm actually very, very afraid of water. I wouldn't call it hydrophobia, but I'd rather not enter water if I had a choice. I even believe that it is possible to drown in a bathtub!
Answer: True

6. I am an unbelievably organised person. I alphabetize my CDs and books and keep everything very neat everywhere I go. Even my wardrobe is colour coded.
Answer: False. Me organised? Pigs will fly - and not in airplanes!

7. During my school days, I was very active in sports. In fact, I was the captain of the table tennis team, played softball, volleyball, and was a champion javelin thrower. Alas, I have totally sworn off sports these days.
Answer: False. I played sports only for fun, which included a bit of table tennis, and was forced to represent my sports house for javelin throwing. Never touched softball, and only liked watching people play volleyball!

8. I usually eat with my hands at home, but for some reason I cannot explain, I need to use cutlery when I eat outside, regardless if it is the same type of food that I eat at home.
Answer: True.

9. There's this weird thing about me, whereby I always need to park in the same spot each time I go to a certain place, or shower in the same cubicle each time I hit the gym showers. I find it hard to explain why this is, but I somehow feel that something is wrong if I don't get to do so.
Answer:True. Parking spots may be a bit tricky at times due to other people using them, but at work, I particularly like spot #42, 43 or 50.

10. Being an only child for almost 5 years, I had always wanted a brother, so when my sister was born and was old enough to understand, I 'introduced' her to my imaginary older brother!
Answer: False. It was an older sister I wished for, and it was an imaginary older sister I created.

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