Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scraps of Honesty

If someone asks you to state 10 facts about yourself, what would you say? Right at the top of my head are, I'm female, 29 (gasp!!) years old, with bad eyesight who likes to read a lot and suffers from self diagnosed insomnia which may be the result of my addiction to coffee. There's 6 facts right in that sentence itself. I could continue but I won't.

I was tagged by Ricardo awhile ago for this particular meme where I'm supposed to state 10 things about myself, but lets face it... throughout the years, I've done lists of this sort, from the 6 weird things about me, and it's sister version of 9 weird things about me and most recently, 25 random facts about me. That 25 random facts took me 3 days to compile - of course not 3 whole days, but you get the picture. Is there anything else left to say? I don't know...

For that reason, I've decided to modify the meme... I'm going to list 10 items, but only 5 of them are true and another 5 are either exaggerations, or downright nonsense, and I figured the best way to make this fun, is to have you who are reading this to guess which are true and which are not.

1. I had a pet goldfish once, called Blondie (after the band) It used to swim without a care in the world in one of those small bowls until it suddenly died one day. This upset me terribly that I buried it in our front yard.

2. When I was much younger I used to spend all my time not doing anything else with a book. Even while walking. This has caused a couple of twisted ankle incidents due to encounters with drains.

3. When we were kids, my sister and I used to play 'civilisation' type games in our front yard (backyards were a no go zone due to it's tendency to attract snakes) with stones, sticks and self made flags.

4. In August of last year, I had gone for a team building training in the jungle. However, I had twisted my ankle even before entering the jungle. Nevertheless, I was determined to complete the training, so armed with painkillers and a good bandage I entered the jungle, fed by adrenaline. When I came back later, my ankle was so badly hurt that I had to walk with a cane for two weeks!

5. I'm actually very, very afraid of water. I wouldn't call it hydrophobia, but I'd rather not enter water if I had a choice. I even believe that it is possible to drown in a bathtub!

6. I am an unbelievably organised person. I alphabetize my CDs and books and keep everything very neat everywhere I go. Even my wardrobe is colour coded.

7. During my school days, I was very active in sports. In fact, I was the captain of the table tennis team, played softball, volleyball, and was a champion javelin thrower. Alas, I have totally sworn off sports these days.

8. I usually eat with my hands at home, but for some reason I cannot explain, I need to use cutlery when I eat outside, regardless if it is the same type of food that I eat at home.

9. There's this weird thing about me, whereby I always need to park in the same spot each time I go to a certain place, or shower in the same cubicle each time I hit the gym showers. I find it hard to explain why this is, but I somehow feel that something is wrong if I don't get to do so.

10. Being an only child for almost 5 years, I had always wanted a brother, so when my sister was born and was old enough to undertand, I 'introduced' her to my imaginary older brother!


  1. You are unbelievably organised or you have OCD? ;)

  2. I know I'm not organised. That's a fact.LOL. But you're supposed to guess which are true and which are not.

  3. To anyone who wants to attempt at this epic fail interactive post of mine, the format is as follows. (Sorry, Orhan... I should have put this up earlier)


  4. Nope, not even trying. I've never liked trying to guess the true facts from the made-up ones, so I'll wait until you post the real ones.

  5. I could see so much in common in your first sentence but for the rest, I really can't say.

    Btw Terra, will be great if you can share your email id. Am looking at a trip there!

  6. citizen: no problem...

    popsie: As in item no 1? Really? Well, my blog e-mail addy can be found on my profile page... you can contact me there if you want.

  7. I'm really horrible at guessing. Normally all my guesses turn out the opposite ... LOL! but I enjoyed the post though :D

  8. I like these modifications!!!!

    I have no clue what could be true or flase. the imaginary brother and hand eating is false maybe?

  9. I meant false.Can't spell today.

  10. Nick: LOL! I'm not good at guessing either... thought that this post would be something we could all laugh at. Glad you enjoyed the post, though... :)

    Ricardo: I was bored, hence the modifications. I'll put up the answers soon...

  11. I think 1, 6, 7 and 10 are false. 4 too, maybe?

  12. Loved the part where you introduced sis to imaginary brother.
    I used to imagine that was actually adopted and have a different set of parents:-

  13. 1. false
    2. true
    3. true
    4. false/modification
    5. true
    6. false
    7. true
    8. true
    9. true/slight modification
    10. true/modification

  14. EDIT

    4. True with modification

  15. Sree: Thank you for playing along. And congratulations for guessing correctly :)

    lost: Err.. thanks? If I didn't actually look like my parents, I'd have thought so too... our personalities are so different!

    Gee: Well, well... I finally see your nose around here. And thank you for playing this. But...

  16. read the answers already. i guess number 9 is what they called... idiosyncrasies.

  17. Yeah I know... you were a tad bit too late. Can't live without idiosyncracies, though..


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