Monday, May 18, 2009

One Red Light

It was a slow and boring drive to work this morning, despite the fact that I'm not particularly susceptible to the ubiquitous existence of the Monday blues. Now, my daily commute involves a slightly long wait (3 to 4 minutes only, actually... but in the mornings that is a rather long wait) at a particular traffic light, thanks to the overwhelming number of cars that need to use that particular intersection to get to their respective destinations. The placement of a traffic police personnel there has improved conditions beyond belief the past few months, but still, the wait (sometimes short, and sometimes long) is always inevitable.

This morning while I was *applying lotion on my hands while awaiting my turn to move, I came up with a list of things that I have possibly done throughout while **waiting for the lights to change colour

1. Look at cloud formations and create conversations for them
2. Watch people head bang (quite a rarity, though), or head bang myself!
3. Look into the rear view mirror to unnerve the person behind you. People have done this one to me before (mentioned by sis)
4. Comb my hair
5. Clean the specs
6. Put lotion on hands
7. Eat breakfast (chocolate milk from the tetra pack is the safest)
8. Compose a blog post in my head (or paper, if available and so desired)
9. Read (doesn't always work though)
10. Stare at the sign, attempt to influence it to change sooner/or have the traffic policeman change directions of the traffic flow
11. Fold shirt sleeves until a comfortable level, just slightly below the elbows.

That is all I got in my 3 minutes there. What would you do at traffic light stops?

* Yes, I happen to have a small bottle of lotion lying on my dashboard at all times. There was once even a bottle of contact lens solution (for emergencies) until about a week ago which I threw out because it had unfortunately dried out/evaporated
** Note the word 'waiting'


  1. I usually just sit and think. And many of my blog posts, are, in fact, composed in my head in such situations.

  2. I have no suggestions, but I think your first one is hilarious! Clouds? WTF!

  3. Like the first and third one :)...I usually delete my smses

  4. citizen: that makes two of us... :)

    Orhan: oh yes... I bet clouds have interesting stories to tell, LOL!

    Jai: Thank you.. LOL! I must remember to delete inbox the next time I'm stuck at a traffic light. I think there's still some stuff from 2007 in there!

  5. Fantasize about sex of course! Heh heh

  6. Hahaha... so now I know... :)

  7. All perfect with me except for no.7. I may just end up messing my car seat ......hee!hee!hee!

    MsUniCorn Girl

  8. as a learner I think about all the things I'm supposed to be doing while driving, however often I clean my glasses, fix my hair and check there's nothing stuck in the my teeth using the rearview mirror, change songs (sing along). The most useful thing I figured out is when my hair is wet I can use the car as a large hairdryer. I open all the vents, direct them at my head as much as possible and blast the air circulation (it's not ac, it isn't warm enough here to bother with AC - if you want it colder you role down the windows). The longer I'm stuck in traffic the more likely my hair will be dry when I reach my destination!

    Although in future I will think of conversations between clouds!

  9. Love this post. I do my best thinking while driving or in the shower- all places where I'm not free to write them down. I did a little cloud dreaming just yesterday and wrote about it today. Great minds think a like!

  10. MsUnicornGirl: Yeah, that can happen, but I think the tetra packs are pretty safe.

    Aunty: Yeah... I used to be very alert as well when I first started driving... I think I'm getting a bit too comfortable these days. LOL! I think it's interesting you can use your car as a hair dryer. I doubt if it's possible here.

    jj: Thank you... I face a similar problem... the best ideas surface when I can't act on them.

  11. I don't think I could do half of that in that amount of time.


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