Friday, May 01, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Happenings

It was an ordinary Sunday. Almost lazy-ish, the temperature reaching oven-like proportions and well... just an ordinary Sunday.

We had just walked out of the gym, my sister and I, and were looking for a place to get shoes, talking about nothing in particular as usual. She needed a new pair seeing that her old one had long passed it's expiry date. As we were walking, I passed by someone from work, and since everyone knows everyone, we acknowledged each others existence with a nod, smile and the usual greeting of "oh, hi!".

Hardly a few steps were taken before my sister blurted out somewhat excitedly

Sister: Who's that?
Me: Someone I work with
Sister: Did you see how hot he is?
Me: What?
Sister: I spotted him from afar and was going to point him out to you and suddenly you're smiling at him. He looks like Sawyer (from LOST) ... the hair, the dressing, the swagger.

At that moment, there was nothing I could do but laugh... funny how I never noticed it before. He did look much better outside than he does at work, but that's a common occurrence with everyone at work.

Now what bugs me the most about this is although this happened about two weeks ago, I still find myself unable to look at this guy at his face (which I have to since we also work in the same department and need to communicate regularly) without having the urge to burst out laughing.

Edit: The sister says he does NOT look like Sawyer, but REMINDS her of Sawyer.


  1. What? You guys saw me? LOL! Just kidding ... I never like bumping into people I work with. You know me, Mr. Anti-social ... LOL!

  2. It's weird how the whole perception thing works. You saw him as just a co-worker until your sister pointed something out. People always look better outside of work because of the whole I hate being there and so anyone and anything associated with it is very unappealing. BTW I couldn't buy chicken at the store yesterday.

  3. Oh yummy. Sawyer is one of my imaginary boyfriends.

  4. now in my head you work with Sawyer - your workplace has just got a lot better in my imagination.... also can you introduce us??

  5. Nick: LOL! Neither do I... it's inevitable when you live in the same town as your workplace though...

    jj: Yeah, that could possibly be it... I just wish I didn't feel like laughing each time I saw him. Oh dear, I'm so sorry... I didn't expect my chicken post to do that much damage.

    Hoozle: Hmmm... Eye-candy! :D

    Aunty: I'll see what I can do ;)

  6. So has that changed the way you 'look' at him? ;-)

  7. must be a gal thing? :O lol

  8. Rakesh: No, it hasn't... I just feel like laughing, that's all. Thank goodness he keeps his hair in a ponytail at work,though.. otherwise...

    laughingwolf: I suppose so... thanks for visiting :)

  9. Sawyer-like guy at work, eh? Keep us informed of further developments. ;)

  10. You're going to cause this young man a great deal of insecurity.

  11. Julia: Further developments?? LOL!

    Ricardo: I certainly hope not... so far I've managed to not laugh (hopefully me posting this up will cure me of all desire to laugh at the poor dude)

  12. I will say there is nothing more rattling than women just bursting out laughing when they look at you. It really hurts because as a dude, you think the girls are all making fun of you and you don;t want to be there.

  13. Oh, I never looked at it that way before...

  14. Maybe it's just me and my mental issues. LOL!


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