Monday, May 25, 2009

Of Geeky Smiles and Procrastination

There should be a category in any award giving ceremony especially for procrastinators. That way, I can achieve
a) Immediate (but somewhat reluctant) fame
b) Some cool prizes
c) Meet other famous people

About a year ago, I had blogged about some wisdom tooth issues that have been plaguing me for as long as I can remember, but certain events led to making the task of getting it removed similar to the act of pushing a (very stubborn elephant) up the stairs. Allow me to explain...

It would have began in July 2007. I had gone to a dentist to have my teeth checked, which is a usual thing to do. The only unusual thing about it is that I had neglected doing so since I was in my teens. Nevertheless, no problems were found, except that the dentist had informed me that my teeth was all compacted at the back! Now, she could have recommended an orthodontist for me to visit, but she didn't, instead she asked me to check with my HR to see which clinics were available. The lady at HR instead told me too look one for myself. I got a number from one of my aunts, and while I attempted to make an appointment with the orthodontist, I had to deal with his receptionist/secretary/slave/goodness knows where she put her brain moron. Now if this woman either refused to understand my simple request of fixing an appointment, or really couldn't understand me is beyond my knowledge, but suffice to say that she couldn't get me an appointment and I met with a dead end. And with this being sent to run in circles until I met a dead end in view, I never got my wisdom teeth extracted.

Fast forward to nearly two years later, the pain caused by the wisdom teeth inching their way up in my over-crowded mouth has ceased, leaving me with only with a somewhat geeky smile, which I noticed was very obvious in a rather recent photo. A slight push from my mom, and another phone number of a different orthodontist saw me going through yet another attempt at getting an appointment, at least for consultation. Once again I was met by a moronic woman who couldn't seem to understand that all I want is a consultation. She takes my phone number and never calls back. And so I wonder, is it just my luck or is it a default situation whereby moronic receptionists are only hired by orthodontists? (A better way to ask the question would be: "Do all orthodontists hire moronic receptionists?") Nevertheless, I try again (after some pestering from mom) and finally get the lady to fix an appointment for me (which is somewhere in mid June!!) after a week of negotiations.


  1. I would be a close competitor for the award dear!!!! :p

  2. Good... the more (competitors) the merrier! :D

  3. I understand this completely - I often put off unpleasant medical things. In fact, I am delaying schedulig an OB-GYN follow-up right now!

  4. True... you tend to think that's it's allright delaying it especially if it's someone e;se's fault (like the moronic receptionists in my case)

  5. Think of it this way. I guess you're lucky. People would give anything to miss their appointment with the dentist :P

  6. I had to Google the word 'orthodontist'. I've never been to one and I hope to God I never have to!

  7. Rakesh: I'm different. I'd forgo temporary comfort over long time comfort. (Well, in some cases anyway... ;))

    Orhan: If your jaw is not too small for your teeth, then you should be fine... :)

  8. I thought I was a shoo in to win the award, looks like I've got competition ... LOL!

  9. that doesn't sound too pretty but it really is good you're going to get it done - I know very few people who go to the dentist and I can only recall one person who has gone this year

    speaking of teeth, and teeth rot (I know I know, not really related, I just wanted to ask you something about malaysia) I've noticed a lot of snacks from malaysia and especially the philippines that have pandan so I decided to buy some Junior Stik-O Buco Pandan Wafer Stick- Ecco Food wafer stick things with a kind of green pandan cream in the middle of a green and brown spiraled wafer and they were one of the best sweets I have ever had

    I was wondering how popular pandan stuff is in malaysia? sorry I keep asking these odd rude questions but I really really want to know for some reason

  10. Don't worry about asking questions.
    Yeah, pandan is pretty popular here. It's mostly used for aromatic purposes, especially when making teacakes (locally known as kuih) or in some rice dishes (mainly nasi lemak) where the rice is cooked with pandan leaves to give off a very nice smell.

    Hope that answers your question

  11. Poor thing u ......!

    MsUniCorn Girl

  12. Definitely get that fixed. I hear that all sorts of issues can happen. I'm amazed that you are doing just fine after 2 years. WOW. OK some teeth may be a little out of whack but I have heard horror stories. Getting them taken out is another story onto it's own. It can be nothing or a major process. I got mine out with very little fuss. I thank my lucky stars.

  13. MsUnicorn girl: Err... what can I say? LOL!

    Ricardo: Well, I hope mine turns out well. The very idea of the whole process intimidates me, somewhat.

  14. you just know I have to try making kuih now, thanks for replying

    mans going to be eating funny green cakes made wrong for months now - I think the best thing will be I won't ever really know when i've got it right


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