Saturday, May 30, 2009

Adamantium, Anyone?

*This is a much delayed post

Some of them at work refer to one of our colleagues as Wolverine (not because he looks like Hugh Jackman - otherwise you'd be having the ladies fainting every few seconds but because he seems to be having sideburns that look so much like Wolverine's)

I took the opportunity of the long Labour Day weekend to watch the movie; X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Yes, in case you're looking at your calendars and scratching your heads, that was on 1st May. Now, admittedly, I'm not much of a movie person, having the kind of attention span that I do, but occasionally, I do catch a movie here and there and enjoy it.

The movie started off easy enough, we were introduced to the beginning of the life of Wolverine before he became officially known as Wolverine. His childhood, his roles in the different wars through the ages alongside Victor Creed. Along the way, due to their indestructible nature, they're employed by the 'Government' for some secret projects, which I feel is the turning point of the story, because Wolverine (or Logan, as he was known then) opts out and his own story begins.

Over the 107 minutes, we get a glimpse of Logan's alternative life as a Canadian lumberjack, and how the single event of an important person to him being murdered sets him out to seek revenge, which in turn leads him to fall into the clutches of a certain William Stryker and makes him into what he is in the following X-Men movies.

Being what I'd call a moderate fan of action movies, I found the explosions teribbly exciting, and watched some of the fights in nail biting anticipation. It was interesting to note how Wolverine's claws turned to what they are now, and why he has no memories whatsoever. What I found particularly endearing was somewhere towards the end, when Victor Creed saves Wolverine from Weapon XI and says... "Nobody gets to kill you but me" So much for brotherly love! I was also amazed (but glad) that the Malaysian censorship board seemed to have overlooked certain parts (Wolverine's ass, for one)

I thought the movie was pretty enjoyable.... I know I did enjoy it, although I found the dialogue somewhat cheesy.


  1. For me, the best part of it was the action. Otherwise I thought that there were a lot of other interesting characters who were disposed of way too quickly.

  2. I have heard good things and am WAY behind on my movie going. I am a fan of the X-Men films so this should hit the spot.

  3. I was disappointed cos i personally felt that there weren't enough shots of his bare arse! :(

  4. Travis: Yes, there's always something about the action. Gotta love the fights and the explosions :)

    Ricardo: This was my first new release movie for 2009. LOL! I suppose if you liked the others you would like this too...

    Sabrina: I'd suggest getting the DVD and repeat those parts? LOL...

  5. What can I say about Wolverine. He is one of my favourite X-Men. I have tons of the comic book and god knows how many DVD of their comics in digital format. At times I fantasize that one days claws would spring out of my hands! LOL! Yeah, yeah, too much movies, I guess.

  6. dunno what all the fuss is about,terra... i'm a canuck, 6'4", 250#... so ok, NOT a lumberjack, nor jackman lookalike... :O lol

    as for watching the flicks, fughedaboudit, zero interest in male asses, bare or otherwise....

  7. I will now have to see this, and not because of Hugh Jackman's ass. Goddamn! :)

  8. Nick: LOL! Having the claws come out of the hands can be very convenient...

    Sabrina: Awesome... ;)

    laughingwolf: To each their own, I guess...

    Orhan: You know, some people will be very worried if wanted to watch it because of Hugh Jackman's ass ;)


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