Friday, May 15, 2009

Of Jostling Crowds

Otherwise known as "Mommy's gonna kill me"

It probably was an unwise thing to do to make a decision out of the blue like that. I couldn't sit still the whole of yesterday, maybe it was the breakfast I took, and it got worse as the day wore on towards the evening. I needed to run (away from the workplace - not run as in run) So run I did, and where else could I run to but the gym?

Now, a design fault of the gym I go to is that it sits in a building that houses a shopping mall. A big one at that, and of all things I failed to realise is that they were having a member's day sale yesterday. I sort of knew something was up upon seeing the jam, but it only hit me much later that they had sent a text message mentioning the sale and providing a number to call for enquiries, but me being me, I had just read it, and put the phone back into my pocket.

A peek into the mall showed unimaginable crowds pushing their way with trolleys and children in pyjamas tottering about. I walked outside and came across a car idling in one of the parking bays. A harassed looking man was sleeping inside the car. I thought it was funny. I bet the rest of his family were inside - shopping.

The gym was rather empty (which was good for me, because I would otherwise have to wait in turn to use the equipment as is often the case) and about one and half hours later I decided to get back home. On my way out, a woman almost killed me with her shopping cart (the crazy woman actually tried bringing it down using the escalator instead of the elevator!) which then left me a bit disoriented that I attempted leaving the building from the first floor instead of the ground floor. "Hey where are the exits?" So I got stuck in the jostling crowd and had to weave my way out. I saw them with slips of pink paper lining up in aisles, shouting at their kids, their carts full. It was madness. I even managed to think for a moment if the economy was really that bad for a sale to be held at such an extent.

I managed to escape in one piece at the end and thought to myself about how I need to remember these things. Always pay attention to what those text messages say. It will save you from being stuck in crowds and being traumatised forever!


  1. I feel traumatised just reading your post!! poor you. I get a bit of a shock whenever I find myself in my local shopping centre at peak shopping time. My shopping hours tend to be late in the evening, and so I forget what crowds are like. People seem to get a lot crazier when they are among lots of other people... I think I'd choose sleeping in the car too!

  2. It was traumatising... especially the part where the lady tried to kill me with her trolley. I think dying on an escalator is a tad bit unworthy...

  3. We do encounter this situation practically in every mall in the city .........

    ps/: interesting blog

    a new reader
    MsUnicorn Girl

  4. Why do they bring children when they shop?to provide sound and other effects which will keep other shoppers at bay i guess.

  5. MsUnicorn Girl: Oh yes, we do... I avoid the malls unless I want to get something and/or meet up with friends, etc... Thanks for dropping by. Glad to know that you find this old blog interesting :)

    lost: no babysitters available? That's my only guess...

  6. haha sales are everywhere. sales happen when the economic is bad of course. i got myself a few clothes from Espirit too. hard to resit when we can get them at 75% discount :D

  7. Last year in New York people were seriously injured (one even died) after people stormed into these sales. What can I say? People are effing retarded! You just keep yourself safe, please.

  8. I hate big crowded shopping centers, malls or mega-stores.

    Amd see, I knew if I waited patiently you'd give the real answers.

  9. Faisal: Oh my... everyone's out there!

    Orhan:That's pretty scary... don't worry... I'm quite good in weaving myself in and out of a sea of people... :)

    citizen:That's something we share in common I guess... I don't mind big shopping malls as long they are empty..., though

  10. lol... won't help me at all, terra... i NEVER send/receive texts, i use it as a TELEPHONE only ;)

  11. why is it that everyone loses control over a big sale at the store? It's silly. It's like people go into this frenzy.

    We had a guy killed here in the states around Christmas at one of these big sales. He was trying to open the door to let shoppers in and they trampled him! And they left him there dead! No one stopped to help him.

    Thankfully nothing like that happened in your story but people must calm down over sales.

  12. laughingwolf: most info these days are dispensed via text. It's necessary to have the service just in case, LOL!

    Ricardo: The only thing that crosses my mind now... mob mentality


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