Monday, April 13, 2009

White Noise

She was walking along a somewhat familiar path, well known and well worn, one she's been using for the past 6 months or so without fail. Suddenly, an arrow, unseen and unheard swishes swiftly by her right ear, narrowly missing her by a fraction of an inch and lands neatly into a pile of wood, quivering slightly due to inertia.

She turns, surprised, and sees a familiar face. "Why are you using that path? he asks.

Eyebrows raised slightly, she answers "This is the path. I've been using it all this while"

"Well, it's wrong" he says. "You're supposed to use that path" he continues, pointing towards a different path. To her it looked like what once used to be a path. It was now all covered in brambles.

He walks away, slowly. Before he disappears completely from view, he turns to her and says. "Remember, use this path the next time"

She nods her head acknowledging agreement despite somewhat skeptically. Why does *life seem like the simulation of being stuck in the middle of a field of a particularly **nasty rugby game?

* Well, not life per se, but a very rough representation of it

** Not that rugby games are nasty, but you know how it always seems to be muddy in some sort of way, and there's people all over, grappling, trying to lay their hands on the elusive rugby ball, and you're all alone in the middle of that!


  1. You have to love these little life lessons that deliver big time enlightenment.

  2. That's true... but before the enlightenment, there's the "what the hell?" :)

  3. Don't trust strangers you know! Especially those asking you to take dark alleys...

    Life (or whatever it is) will sort itself out.

  4. rugby was a horrible school sport - despite my obvious intense manliness, I couldn't handle rugby.

    I was told that I was ethusiastic rugby player but that I should try and make sure I was on the right side of the ball before I tried to charge into the action - you can guess the rest

  5. Rakesh: LOL! Or brambled up paths!

    i want one so badly: Oh... I didn't imagine it to be that bad.

  6. There is a Hindi Poem by great Poet Harivansh Rai Bacchan. (he is father of Amitabh Bacchan...know Bollywood Actor). The meaning of poem is "Different People at different times in my life, show me different paths" I say take one as early as possible and keep walking, you will get your destiny.

    After all there is one destiny at the end of every road. Important is we believe in this and stick to our path.

  7. Start Again: I like the way the poem sounds... and it sure speaks the truth. Thanks for visiting :)

    Orhan: Aww... *hugs back* :)

  8. The arrow quivering slightly ..make me think if it is due to inertia or impact :).You either use the trail made by other or create your own trail for others to use...your post reminded me to a poem from Robert Frost..
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
    I took the 'one less traveled' by,
    And that has made all the difference.

  9. Actually, I had the same thoughts when I was writing it, but it was written on the spot without much thinking so I left it with inertia, because I wanted to picture it as a movement that has been stopped suddenly, and the quivering as the energy used to stabilise itself...

    I know that poem... a long long time ago, I actually wanted to name this blog The Road Less Travelled!

  10. nah, getting knocked over in rugby isn't a bad thing, its rugby in a boys school

    if anything playing non contact rugby got more violent and nasty because only the roughest players used contact

  11. so the path you using is actually the wrong path?

    are you going to change your path or you will stick to the one you using?

    **soccer and badminton are better than rugby :)

  12. Inertia ,it is than..:).Feel like stuck in the rugby match...raise yourself,look down and enjoy the game.

  13. I want one so badly: I see... thanks for the info :)

    Faisal: Hmmm... I'm using a new path, but I was asked to use the old path because an old timer figured that the new path is not the way to go :)

    Jai: LOL! Good one... :)


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