Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Week(end) That Was

Random Scribblings On a Sunday Afternoon

1. My brains are more tired than I thought them to be. I can't figure out the reason just yet. Then there is also the fact that I there are quite a number of thoughts moving around in my brain and what better way to spend Sunday filing them up neatly on a blogpost!

2. Went for Nan's engagement function on Friday. When I went over to say hi (after the ceremony and stuff were over) she put away whatever she was holding to give me a hug and introduced her fiance. He's got a very soft handshake (as opposed to firm), but I've never seen her this happy before although she's one of those people who's always got a smile on their face. (Of course knowing her for the past 17 years, I can see the difference between genuine happiness and a normal smile)

3. I now suppose she (Nan) didn't tell me personally that she was getting engaged because she most probably was being the demure girl, the kind of behaviour a girl is expected to have by parents and future in laws of the community we belong to, and hence got her parents to do the publicity instead of jumping around and announcing to all and sundry that she was getting engaged. (Very archaic, I know... but there you have it!)

4. TerraShield and her cynicism are both going to hell

5. Went for S's wedding reception on Saturday afternoon. Haven't seen this girl since 1995, I think. Facebook reunited us. Also met with SL there at the reception.

5. Too many of my friends carry the same initials. Blogging about them using those initials is driving me crazy!

6. Technology is cool... but now, my laptop's USB port is having difficulties recognising my modem. (About a year ago, my ethernet port gave issues) What will be the future of my internet usage look like? I think it's bleak... and shadowed with fist banging on the laptop. Or modems being left overnight in refrigerators!

7. Do your taxes, TerraShield... don't wait till the last minute!

8. Using sunglasses and driving is surreal. You feel as though you're moving in a sepia coloured film.

9. Nothing interesting happens anymore :(

Edit: By nothing interesting, I mean to say nothing blogworthy - like dropping a pile of books on an innocent bystander, or flood occurring on the 2nd floor, etc!


  1. facebook and blogspot really help me meeting my old friends again... not only college friend but from my primary school too!


  2. Same here... the world is much smaller now! :)

  3. hehe is that mean that i have to be careful with words when blogging too? ah! :(

  4. Nothing interesting happening anymore? Maybe you gotta do what Nan and S are busy doing...

    Then you won't have to worry about your USBs, Modems and Internet... You'll be better off.

  5. Faisal: Hmmm... something to think about, perhaps? :)

    Rakesh: Oh, well.. I'd rephrase that to nothing interesting as in blogworthy - wise. :)

  6. Helpful hint: Instead of using intitials when referring to others, I find it easier to make up Russian names for each - and then intentionally misspell them! Nobody (including yourself) will ever know who you're really talking about.....

  7. LOL at Mike! That's a funny idea!

  8. Whenever I post about people I know in the real world I try to use nicknames but most of the time I'll forget the nicknames or start to hate them. So sometimes I use a nickname and sometimes I use their real one. But most of the time their real name is so general, like John or Steve, that nobody would guess I'm using their real name

    The More You Know!

  9. Hi Terrashield!

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Paul Valery quotes “God made everything out of nothing, but the nothingness shows through.”

  10. Mike: LOL! Ok... I'll look for my dusty old copy of Crime and Punishment for this. :D

    Travis: I agree!

    Woozie: Now I'm kind of wishing there were more Johns and Steves around... :D

    Fi-sha: Kind of true... I suppose :)

  11. There's always something crazy going on with me and I can't stop it. If your brain is swirling around with things then that means you will be writing up a storm soon.

    I too have put off my taxes and really need to get them done. But I don't want to.

    Sounds like everyone is marrying off. Wonderful and also a good reason to have fun.

  12. Oh yeah, writing up a storm is what I need to do :)

  13. Hah! Your weekend sounds exactly like mine ... LOL!

  14. You had engagements and wedding invites too? God, it MUST be the month to hitched up! This is unbelievable!

  15. Erm, the above comment was mine. I hit enter prematurely, like an old man on Viagra. Sorry!

  16. Nick: Busy but not exciting? :D

    Mad Penguin: Oh, yes... looks like it's the wedding season... or it could be the fact that most of my friends are almost 30?

  17. RE: Crime & Punishment

    This is a pointless comment, but I've actually read 'Crime And Punishment' FIVE times througout my life! Wow.



  18. Five times! I'm impressed! :)


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