Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Case Of Over Scrutiny

While the whole world hides behind their television sets appraising Mr. Obama as he moves about in his daily duties as one of the most anticipated Presidents of the United States, some quarters have started observing Mrs. Obama and commenting on every other thing she does.

I was *watching the recorded news on CNN about 10 this morning which had the headings written at the bottom of the show regarding Mrs Obama and her Royal Hug, followed by the question "who made the first move?"

Oh, come on! I had to stop and laugh, though.

To be honest, the kind of scrutiny this woman is under surprises me. I don't recall any other first lady being commented about this much. I think the media should give her a break, so what if she hugged the Queen? I don't think the Queen would have minded it at all.

Maybe hugging (or putting her arm behind the Queen's shoulder - as that is what I saw the other day) is just her thing, and protocol (if there was one) just escaped her mind. Besides, she's pretty new to all of this, and even the best of us make mistakes when doing something new, unless we're the kind of person who refuses to do anything new for fear of making mistakes. I think they (the media) ought to come off it for awhile.

* Only watching, not listening! :)


  1. I happened to be watching this (and also not listening) with Hoozle and Hoozle started shouting "you're not supposed to touch the queen"... just because there's a royalty protocol in Britain doesn't mean the citizens of a republic should rigidly stick by it. Sure there's manners and all but I think you're right ... it's probably the first hug the queen has got in years - a bit of human contact might do her the world of good!!

  2. Very good point!

    This is in the very middle of your post "I". Blogger is on drugs!

  3. Aunty: I never knew we were not supposed to touch the Queen.Now I get why they made so much fuss!

    Orhan: Thank you !

    Another "weird occurence in IE but not on Firefox" situation me thinks... but it's more fun to think that Blogger is on drugs ;)

  4. I was just remarking to my mother the other day how ridiculous it is that we still have such stupid bloody rules at this day and age. And she replied saying "Well they're blue bloods you know"; to which i naturally retorted "Let me slit her wrists and we'll see what colour blood comes gushing out!"

  5. Maybe she was inspired by Sanju baba and was spreading some love :) And I dón't think this was even a mistake... Yeah, the media just loose it at times (or most of the times).

  6. sabrina: uh, gore!! ;)

    rakesh: spreading some love, LOL! who knows?

  7. Every time one of the anchors said "The Queen is NOT to be touched!" I about shat myself with laughter. It's like she's a gilded vial of the ebola virus or something.

  8. The one that did it for me was the question "who made the first move?".
    They make it sound like a terrible love affair.

  9. What? You mean, the Queen is not to be touched? Gee, and in this day and age ...

  10. She's got jam on her fingers ;)

  11. LOL jam on her fingers.... just as well there's no one else here with me in this room!!

    Actually I found myself waiting for Prince Philip to say something incredibly racist (as he is wont to do) like "get these darkies out of the way the American president is due any minute!" Sadly he remained mute :(

  12. I suppose if he had said that, CNN would have been nicer about Mrs O giving the Queen a hug :D


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