Friday, April 03, 2009

Sunset at the Waterfront

Where there is a river or straits, there is apt to be a waterfront.

If you look at it from a cliched perspective, you'd say that the Kuching Waterfront is just a stone's throw away from our hotel, a row of stalls selling food and drinks, ethnic music playing in the background with an excellent view of the Sarawak River that stretches quite a bit. I do wonder though, if any of us actually stood right outside the hotel facing the waterfront and threw a stone towards it, would it have reached the waterfront, or would we have hit an unsuspecting victim on the head in our efforts to prove the stone's throw away theory? We never found out.

It was 6 pm by the time we left the building again to check out the waterfront. JC and U who reached earlier had visited the place earlier that morning and wanted to sleep a bit, so PJ, JV, UM and myself headed out. It was getting dark fast (Sarawak is more East than Kuala Lumpur, hence it does get darker earlier although our clocks are set to the same time) and a good thing too as I managed to get a few shots of the gorgeous sunset. The one below was one of the earlier pictures I took, and I was amazed that my old 2005 model camera could capture the colours so well. This one currently serves as my laptop wallpaper.

There is a reason why we should not take photos while walking, and that is something I always forget, but I thought the arc made by the tree branches along the waterfront area was very nice to look at, but this was all I got, a shaky image where people actually look like ghosts, and the arc is barely visible.

This is the image I got after the sun had set. I thought the lights dancing on the river (which was very clean, by the way) was just lovely. As you walk along the waterfront area, there is a small jetty which leads you to a boat ride, if you so wish and it costs only 50 sen (USD 0.16), which was very surprising seeing that it was a touristy place and all... but there you have it. None of us took the boat ride that day because it was rather dark (although the boats travel right up till midnight) and besides, the whole gang wasn't there.
Unfortunately we never made it till the very end of the walking path where there is a Fort called Fort Margherita which was built for one Mrs Brooke. Neither did we visit the Chinese Museum because it apparently closes at 4:00 pm.


  1. What is now your laptop wallpaper certainly looks amazing! :-D

  2. I have to agree with Gallivanter. It is amazing indeed :D

  3. Gallivanter: Thank you, and thanks for dropping by :)

    Nick: Thank you too! :)

  4. That first picture is absolutely beautiful, Anu :)

  5. omg!

    the sunset picture is so beautiful!
    i love sunset... and it ends the bright day light :)

  6. Oh yeah, sunsets are lovely! And thanks :)

  7. Wow that first pic is fantastic, like really good!

  8. yup, the first pic looks beautiful.

  9. The first pic is certainly gorgeous!!!!!!

  10. oh btw, you haven't tried the boat ride and visit the museum. is that mean you are going there again? :D

    i hate when i can't do all things that i've planned. i went to malacca and it was twice... but still couldn't find the portugese village! next time i don't care even if i have to learn portugese to find their village! haha.

  11. sabrina:thanks :)

    faisal: I would if I could find the time... maybe I'll take my parents there next... and good luck in finding the Portuguese Village! :)


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