Thursday, April 09, 2009

On Friends

It was a windy afternoon, and I, donned in the ugliest clothes ever (a school uniform) walked to the bus stop where a solitary figure sat, most probably awaiting the same school bus as me. We got to talking, and found out that we were going to take the same school bus and we were in the same school. That day back in December of 1992 marked the strange but interesting bond between me and Nan.

Conversations in the school bus led to discovery that we were sort of kindred spirits, and without any of us openly acknowledging it, we were labelled best buddies. Moreover, we did have a not-so-secret language that we used among ourselves driving everyone else around us crazy. Ah, those were the days. As we grew older, though, we kind of drifted apart for no apparent reason. It reached a point only two years later that we stopped having stuff to talk about. Nevertheless, after school ended and we all went our own ways, we still kept in touch (via snail mail) followed by e-mails after the discovery of the world wide web. Despite the erratic communication we had I always knew what was going on in her life. From new jobs, to the joke about how the refugees called her and her colleagues Kofi Annan's delegates, and to the point where she almost changed religion for a guy she was dating.

The thing is, this old friend of mine is getting engaged tomorrow and she has been silent so far as to who this mysterious guy is. In fact, I found out about her being in a relationship through Facebook and her getting engaged from my parents when her parents had apparently invited them to the event. I am a bit surprised that until today she has kept quiet about this getting engaged thing (and I know for a fact that she was not forced into this engagement or anything of that sort - I doubt her parents would lie about such a thing, and besides she changed her relationship status on facebook which means that she was well aware of what's going on) and it bothers me to an extent. Surely she must have something to say...


  1. Oooh tricky tricky! You must be quite disappointed and upset with her for not telling you. I know i would be

    Have u decided yet how you're gonna approach this?

  2. Disappointed, yes perhaps, and quite curious as to her silence. I'll most probably just go tomorrow, it'll be a good opportunity to meet up with the rest of the girls (if they're invited!)

  3. I'm sorry she didn't talk to you about it. Geez, I've never met yo and I'd discuss something like that with you. I can't recommend any kind solutions.

  4. I know... it's really weird right? However, this has happened before with another friend. I only found out that he got married earlier this year by accident and with some help from my inborn gift of stalking!


  5. I suppose she has her reasons. Given time I guess she'll get around to telling you :D

    I'm probably like your friend who don't really tell anyone, even my best buddy, the things that really go on in my life ...

  6. I see what you mean, and honestly if she was that way fom the beginning I'd totally understand, because I'm very quiet about things myself. The thing is, her engagement is a big affair (judged based on the location) and her parents are running around doing all the inviting and announcing. I'm just surprised that she did not say anything, after all we've been close friends for 17 years of our lives while her parents have only known mine for about 10. That's all


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