Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nowhere to Go

Picture borrowed from onemanbandwidth.wordpress.com
We live right here, on a planet called Earth where forests are green, and seas are blue. We are fortunate to be teeming with life, or are we?

I was driving to work today at the mind-numbing speed of 8 km/hr (there was an accident along the way that caused a jam that stretched for miles) when I observed an old dilapidated wall covered with greens. It had once had a grand looking house in the compound, which was nowhere to be seen, and the gate too had disappeared (metal thieves?) I don't know when it was abandoned, but the compound itself had grown into a massive tangle of weeds (not weed, hahaha) which would probably be waist high had I ventured inside, with saplings growing wildly and looked pretty much like a secondary jungle.

Now, I mention this because it is after all World Earth Day on the 22nd of April, and for me, seeing those greens fighting their way through what was once a human domain is a positive sign that we can turn around the damage we have done to the planet if we really want to.

People may argue that the Earth is not in trouble, and about global warming being a myth and all, or even worse a situation that was created to frighten us into submission by the powers that are. It is quite hard to convincingly say yes, there is global warming and we should all be afraid. The thing is, the planet is pretty much unpredictable and may suddenly decide to re-enter the ice age again for no rhyme or reason while everyone is busy worrying about the 0.5 C increase in temperature.

Nevertheless, the Earth is our home, and it is up to us to take care of it the best way we can. Reuse, recycle, reduce, whatever. Stop the bloody open burning - if you don't want to think about the planet, at least use your brains to figure out then when your annoyed neighbour finally finds the Environmental Department's phone number, she will not hesitate to call them, and will actually be a witness when you're prosecuted. Stop littering like a moron. Use the bins, and if you can't find a bin at that very moment what harm could a sweet wrapper possibly do if it sits in your pocket for awhile? Use the recycle bins correctly, take care of the river, the list goes on. In short, *"Preserve the Earth before it decides to preserve you!"

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

* I hereby trademark this statement!


  1. Actually it is a myth that the earth is in danger. The earth was once bombarded by radiation and subject to massive seismic upheavals. This planet was around billions of years before us, and will be around billions of years after us. The ecosystem will eventually recover, regardless of what we do to it. Human beings on the other hand are very much in danger. ;)

  2. Cyberfish is right. We need to preserve the Earth for our sake and for the sake of the animals/plants we share it with. And Terra, you're completely right, we need to take better care of it. We do our best to keep our homes clean and comfortable, why not our planet?

  3. Cyberfish: I agree... the planet is more resilient than we think... Human beings on the other hand are very much in danger. ;) I believe this is very true...

    Hoozle: Exactly... it makes you wonder why some people can be so ignorant

  4. i love to see green scenery which will give me a peace of mind.

    very refreshing! :)

  5. Indeed. It is very refreshing to see beautiful scenery :)

  6. Besides the industrial/commercial destruction of our planet, I also am completely shocked at how common littering is (cigarette butts, water bottles, food containers, etc., etc.) - how can people be too lazy to throw trash into a trash can?

    I really don't need to comment much - you said it all in your post! Thanks for pointing out the fact that tomorrow is World Earth Day.....

  7. True... I'm amazed people actually do that. Like what Hoozle said above, I bet they wouldn't litter in their own homes, but they'd do it on the street without a second thought!

  8. Great example of the foliage overtaking the abandoned place. There is a program on History called Life After Humans. It was a documentary I watched over the winter and now it has been made into a series.

    It sure doesn't take long for the planet to recover, once we are no longer around to abuse its resources.

  9. 8 km/h? Wow, that's a whole lot faster than I do on the way to work every morning la ... LOL!

    Oh and Happy Earth day :D

  10. 8km? Luckily the cops didn't book you for speeding! :-P

  11. Travis: Thanks...I have seen the two hour special you mentioned. I thought it was pretty interesting.

    Nick: LOL! Right back at ya!

    Gallivanter: I can't begin to describe how relieved I am for that! ;)

  12. Happy Earth day to you as well. Your little speal reminded me of the other day when A woman leaving the grocery store with a box of diet cookies jumped into her car and pulled out in front of me. She sped down the road ahead of me but shortly there after she rolled down her window and flung the empty cookie box to the curb. It was so wrong on 2 counts- eating the entire box because they were low cal and well the littering part. Yes, human beings are definately in trouble.

  13. Maybe she was depressed (hence the cookies), but depressed or not, throwing anything out of a car window is insane.

    Happy Earth Day!

  14. I really wish the name would get changed from globcal warming to global climactic instability or something equally more accurate. Then people might grasp it a little better. All we really need to know is that we're damaging our home and need to change our ways.

  15. TS - did you see my 'cartoon commentary' on the global climate? I was hoping to impress you...

    By the way, how does one obtain permission to use your trademarked phrase "Preserve the Earth before it decides to preserve you!"?

  16. citizen: You do have a very good point there :)

    mike: I haven't... will be there in a bit, though. I just realised that there's no way to do that... all I ask for is bragging rights to claim that I thought of that first? :D

  17. Agree with Cyberfish! Cheeky statement :)

    And know what, I live in a country that produces the most per capita waste in the world... So am not exactly qualified to comment on this post. I mean, we don't have a system of different dustbins for different stuff, the daily newspaper is at least 500 gms of paper which is just thrown in the garbage room. I'm not even sure whether it is picked up for recycling or with the other garbage that goes into landfills.

  18. Excellent post, Terra.

    Another thing we can do is to teach children to recycle and/or dispose of trash properly.

    But it's hard sometimes because they see many adults littering!

  19. Now that is a good quote and worthy of copy protecting. A happy earth day to you!

  20. Rakesh: Sometimes it's a bit tough to implement systems

    Lizza: No learning by example there, alas!

    Ricardo: Thanks... Happy Earth Day :)


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