Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I can't begin to describe how bloody pissed off I am at a certain telco company for their incompetency in handling services to their customers. I blogged about the problem a few months ago here, and I thought that after having the conversation with the customer service dude and taking the necessary actions (because they are so incompetent!!) my problems would be over, but boy was I wrong.

Not only did the old payments remain unpaid in their system, they actually had the nerve to send me a pink warning letter stating the amount I owe them (which they already received because I know I paid them up, but they clearly refuse to acknowledge!!) and a warning that they will disconect my service by the 5th of this month if that amount is not paid up.

I immediately called up the customer service and complained about the issue at hand, and she mumbled something about how I should call them up after making the payments online so that they could update their system! (Oh! The nerve of these bastards!!) Sorry, I should have warned you people who read this to prepare a doggy bag by your side. Isn't the purpose of paying for stuff online is so that it remains online and does not include stupid phone calls that leave you listening to mindless music, or signing cheques, or even lining up like dorks in the local post office or nearest telco centres office when time is so precious? No, i don't think so!

So, the last I checked, which was on the night of the 9th, my attempts at connecting to the internet was futile. A system check stated that something is amiss with my DNS. I know for a fact that they have disconnected my service. Like I said, I'm so pissed off I can't think straight.

My options are:
1. Write a letter to all the local newspapers about this problem and warn people to not subscribe to their services unless they plan to pay their bills personally
2. Inform everyone about how bad their services are and warn them to not ever subscribe to them
3. Find a different ISP which is more tech savvy

So, to everyone who reads this, if you're planning on getting internet service at home, please don't use Telekom Malaysia unless you want to tear your hair out in frustration. Use something else, please. And if you work in Telekom Malaysia, and are under the Streamyx section or whatever, try to enlighten me on how your company can be so stupid.

I'm seeking revenge of some sort. Some way to show them how annoyed I am. Any ideas? By the way, the posting of this post has been enabled by me being in the place where quite a large number of hours are spent.

Oh, the irony of an Internet Service Provider not being able to handle online payments!


  1. Oh the irony, indeed.

    I can't enable revenge. I say you do the smart thing and just switch ISP. Empty victory, I know. But maybe it is time to move on.

    Companys like this collapse under their own ignorance anyways.

    Hope you find something to smile about soon. It is so beautiful. Don't let an ISP turn it upside down :)

  2. bastards... I'm having a similar conundrum with my electricty supplier... in that they've charge me two bill for different properties. I was promised it was solved. I was promised a refund.... so far nothing's coming my way!

    My favourite method of extreme complaint: do they have a fax number? Write a letter of complaint outlining the situation. Copy it 100 times, and fax this document to them... several times a day... until they answer you! The hope is that they get so annoyed by this that they solve your problem just to make you go away.... although it might not be as effective nowadays, but it might make you feel better!

  3. You think Telekom's bad....try Maxis...same piece of shit with the luxury of extra price. I even had technicians who even asked me to ping to test why my connection to msn messenger failed (for those who are slow is localhost...basically pinging yourself like a retard!). I even had technicians who asked me to "clear my cookies" to resolve my speed problems where I wasn't receiving HSDPA but EDGE instead...apparently clearing cookies can help your modem receive full 3G coverage....such intelligence!
    Almost all ISPs here are scumbags...PERIOD!

  4. orhan: Yeah, I intend to switch to a different ISP. Got to find what's available though, and read lots of reviews...

    And just so you know, you comment just made me smile :)

    aunty: Oh, I love your method of attack. It would be lovely to jam up their system. Alas! we don't have a fax machine in our department. I can't imagine what the purchasing manager would say if she saw me parked there the whole day feeding faxes into their machine! :D

    travis: it's a work in progress :)

    anonymous: If that's the case, then I'm back to square one. You see, maxis was my next choice, because I think their postpaid service is pretty good (for me, anyways)

    Thanks for the heads up though... I will need to do some research to pick the next best thing now.


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