Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I officially proclaim today (30/09/2008) as "Terra's Hurt Yourself Day"

The day started well enough with a late breakfast due to a very late night last night where I was getting my new wireless broadband connection used to my computer and vice-versa. It still has some issues which I hope will be ironed out by the end of this week.

About somewhere later in the day, while I was trying to catch a nap, my left elbow hit the wooden leg of a chair nearby (which proves that sleeping on the floor can be a hazardous activity!) In the piercing pain that followed (the one where your limbs move involuntarily, as you curl yourself due to pain), I also hit my right elbow, albeit only slightly. The left elbow has a dark line on it showing that something had happened to it.

And just now, about 9:00 pm, as I was opening my car door to get home after gym, the corner of the door got a bit too enthusiastic and hit me on the right shin where it hurts the most. This (final) hit gave me inspiration for this post, and I'm only thankful (and wondering) about the fate of my left leg which is still untouched. There's about almost 2 hours before the day officially ends

Edit: My laidback schedule is mainly due to the fact that I'm on a short break for Eid this week. And I might as well take this opportunity to wish my Muslim friends a very Happy Eid Mubarak! :)


  1. I confess that I did not know what Eid Mubarak was. So I googled it and learned something.

    I hope you feel better with your ouchies and that you have a safer day tomorrow.

  2. The internet is a wonderful place, you learn something new everyday. The ouchies are alright at the moment. No permanent damage.

  3. untum beher. belated hari raya. Eid Mubarak and maaf zahir batin!
    etc. etc. Didn't know if you were Muslim so I didnt bother with the obligatory salutations...

  4. oops. i just realized you didnt actually say you were Muslim...

  5. Actually I'm not (a Muslim), but it's a big scale celebration over here, hence the greetings :)


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