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A lot of things we take for granted these days such as the ability to send a short message to anywhere in the world, or use networking sites to relocate old acquaintances were practically non-existent back in 1998. Anyway, I recently remembered an old friend and her wonderful (mis)adventures with us during our very short time together (she had an allergy to chemicals and could not continue studying where we were)
Here is one of those stories which I had reproduced from my old blog.

There was a conversation last night, which involved a name... a very nice name in fact. Anyways, since the name is particularly nice, I remember a few people who had the same particular name, and one of them was a special friend to an old friend of mine. This old friend, T was a very dramatic person (very important information), whereas, H, her special friend was practically an unknown entity... about 3 years older, tall, good looking and walks around - a lot.
So although T and a group of us were pretty close friends, we didn't have many classes together, which led to this tale. T spoke of H with great reverence, and since the rest of us didn't really know him, we didn't really share the same sentiments towards him...
We were having dinner at our ever famous R---- stalls, our almost favourite hangout at that time, when T mentioned in passing (more of a question, really) if any of us had seen H that day... See, H was one of the few people who used their OTF's (Own Two Feet) to get around, so when walking to the faculty, we were bound to see him, occasionally. It was a boring day, and so I said to T;

'Yeah, we did see him in fact, he fell into the monsoon drain on the way to the faculty'.

Basically, if you fell into the monsoon drain at the area I was thinking of, you cannot get out of it on your own...
To make things more interesting, another friend added;
' Some other guy was cycling and kinda lost control, and then H who was walking was pushed into the drain by the guy who lost control of the bike.'

Ouch! And then another friend added;
'H fell in head first, and his legs were flailing about, above the drain. It was extremely funny.'

Throughout this conversation, T's face began to look worried...

'Didn't anyone help him?' she asked..
Since the great exaggeration had begun, it might as well be continued... someone else added...

'Many people saw the incident, in the end, a few guys helped pull him out. He looked a bit stunned but that was all. Kinda surprised you didn't hear this story yet....'
If anyone was less naive and less excitable, they'd have known that H never fell into the drain that day, or that none of us had seen him that day... "legs flailing about"... oh come on! I actually thought that T was playing along with the story, but apparently not. T in fact was very excited about the story... We never really found out the reason though...
A few days later, she mentioned to us that when she asked H how his rendezvous with the drain was, he looked at her in surprise... I suppose he had no idea what she meant but she thought that he didn't want her to know about his 'rendezvous with the drain'.
The problem with this tale is, that I can't remember certain details, as in did we ever mention to her that H falling into the drain did not happen, or whether she cared to explain to him about her cryptic question or not.

Disclaimer: The words used in the conversation in this post are not necessarily the same as the words used in the real conversation. Originally posted on Nov 18, 2005


  1. Your writing has changed so much; I can't quite put my finger on it but you write so differently now.

    What made you remember this particular lulzy post from 3 years ago?

  2. I agree... but I can't put my finger on the exact difference either :) Personally I prefer my old writing... it seems much more relaxed than it is now.

    As for the story, I was browsing through the old blog and as I read this particular post, I started laughing (slightly madly), and I thought it would be nice to share some laughter with you guys who read this :)

  3. No, no. I like the way you write now. It has more association with your readers since you know who they are now. It is like when I look at stuff I'd written years ago and the readers I had then.. recently I did a little experiment and the results were very lulzy; I took an old post that regular readers had commented on in the past and matched them against their original comments. Funny how things change ;)

  4. That's one cool experiment... and it's so true how things can change with time. Sometimes, it's scary.
    Anyway, I think you sort of hit the nail somewhere in the right place regarding the difference in writing... back when I first wrote that post, the blog had about 0 to 2 1/2 readers and they were all personal (now probably ex)friends who most probably related to stories of that sort. These days, it's more general and current due to the different readership :)


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