Sunday, September 14, 2008


It's been a few days since I've been cut off from the virtual world (albeit not completely - inserts grin here) because of inefficient people. I'm currently collecting evidence to present to them, and just realised that I need to contact my bank for evidence between February and March. Sigh... (I also need to find someone very vocal who can help me fight my case (and can express annoyance better than me to help out, because based on past experience, my expressing annoyance using sarcasm doesn't really work) Ah well...

So, I spent my internetless Saturday night attempting to finish writing up a (very short) story that I had left stranded since March, and although it's not going in the direction I wanted it to go when I first started, I think I'll stick to it. I also managed to learn some (I sort of created a new banner for this blog! - but it's not up yet) photoshop skills using their guide. If this state continues, I may be able to cease using Paint for my 'ahem' artistic endeavours ;)

The only downside to this internetless condition is that I can't read blogs as much as I'd like to, can't wiki up anything I'm curious about whenever I like and access to my personal e-mails will be completely non-existent.

So yeah, that's it. As I'm still keen on blogging at a proper frequency, I guess I'll have to revert nto the cheating mode. Type first in notepad or word when I'm free, and post when I'm at a machine with access to the www.


  1. Hey c'mon, that's not cheating, I never type directly into the text-editior on the site, but that's mainly cos i would never dare post without a dozen spell checks :p

  2. oooh short story...can i read? i think if you never get internet again it would totally be worth it if it meant you would write more. also, check out a website for imaginefx. they have some of the best digital illustration tutorials i've ever seen. did i mention that digital illustration happens to be among my skill set?

  3. I know how it feels to be internetless, but despite the frustration of not having access to the virtual world there are a few pros. For instance, you would get extra sleep, read, write, smell the flowers, watch the neighbour's cat frolick in your garden, paint your nails, watch Bollywood films...etc.

    There is a new browser by Mozilla called Flock. It allows you to type your blog post offline and post it through the browser when you're connected to the internet. It's a great tool. What's even more usable about it is that it allows your to drag and drop photos from websites or from your local drive onto the editor without having to go through the tiresome upload process.

    PS: I typed this while feeling very drowsy due to the effect from a medication I am on. So, if you do fine something silly on here or any misspelling, it wasn't deliberately done :) See, I'm probably talking nonsense already, and I ought to this on my own blog. So buh-bye Terra.
    Oh did I also mention there is Utterz where you can do audio blogging through your mobile?

  4. Get back to us soon :)

    Hope you share the short story with me. Would love to read it.

  5. Good luck with your internet provider. Sometimes it pays to be blunt with them.

  6. kartik: hehehe... maybe it's not exactly cheating, but I've always used the editor out of habit...

    cyberfish: No, you have never mentioned about being skilled in digital illustrations. I think it's awesome. I will check out the site once I get connected. And yeah, sure... of course you can read it. I'll post it up here once I've done the last bit.

  7. anita: I hope you get better soon. I'm a very old fashioned blogging person. I've never tried mobile blogging or any of the fancy tools that are available. However Flock sounds pretty cool. I should check it out.

    orhan: sure, no problem. It definitely could do with lots of constructive critisism. I'll post it up here when its done

    travis: Thanks, travis. Blunt it will be. And I'm switching ISPs.

  8. btw. the tutorials on imagine fx are free, downloadable, pdfs.


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