Saturday, September 06, 2008


Somewhere towards the end of 2007, AHD created a blog for the unfit and I joined in as a contributor as were both very interested in increasing our fitness, and thought that the best way to document our endeavors would be to blog about it.

My recent so-called adventures in torture camp however, made me realise just how unfit I was despite my sporadic attempts at running on the treadmill and lifting pathetic weights on my own as I ended up being in terrible pain a few days after I returned once all the adrenaline had worn off, which is why I decided to finally become a member in one of the gyms nearby (about 20 minutes away by car from the house on a non-busy road)

Anyway, just to highlight the reasons why I made this decision after so long, I decided to reproduce one of the entries I made in that particular blog way back then with new comments that picture the situation I observed in the past few days of going to the said gym.


Being fit is in the rage right now, and with gymnasiums sprouting in every other place, it seems a bit odd if we are not members in any gym. Since 2005, I've been searching for a gym to join as I don't trust myself to be able to consistently fit in a fitness regime into my crazy schedule, but have put it off for countless reasons, the main one being procrastination.

Here are the rest in no particular order:

1. Have you noticed how everyone in the gym looks buffed up and fit and look great in their tights (shudder). Not a very inviting thought to the unfit.
(Actually, only the trainers look buffed up. Normal people in the gym, look like normal people, flyers and advertisements are only for beauty purposes)

2. I have fears that everyone else will be able to run on the treadmill, whereas, I the unfit, will start hyperventilating after 2 minutes of slow running.

(People don't really run, either... it's mainly a jog - but I don't hyperventilate, only my sides ache... sad :( )

3. The same goes with weights...
(I'm still learning to use all the equipment. So far, nothing bad has happened)

4. I'm afraid the trainer will laugh at me behind my back... "Can you believe, I've never seen anyone as unfit as her before. Hahahaha!" he will say to another trainer
(Well, I can't be too sure about that, because I don't know what's happening behind my back! But the trainer is very encouraging, so it makes me feel pretty good!)

5. I'll train on my own first before actually joining a gym!
(Yeah, right.... sniggers )

6. The gym wont run away.
(True..., but time doesn't wait!)

I can't describe how glad I am for actually doing this!


  1. so u will b more motivated now at exercise? :) it is not easy though but once u reach a certain stage, u will enjoy being more fit than before. :)

  2. All six points and countre points are so very true. Well played, Terra :)

    I recently stopped going to the gym 6 days a week due to exhaustion and fatigue. Took a week off to recover. Getting back into it tomorrow, with less intensity.

  3. Oh, and of course, I wish you nothing but rewarding results! Do it for your health and for the lulz. If at all, everything should be done for the lulz, even being healthy and fit ;)

  4. bengbeng: definitely... there's something about seeing people around you doing it, and you kind of want to join in the fun too. Thanks for visiting :)

    orhan: 6 days a week? That's intense... but I'm guessing you kind of enjoy the pain. I know I do...although I complain about it :p
    Thanks for the wishes... (I had too look up urban dictionary for the word lulz though... although I've seen you use it before)


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