Thursday, September 18, 2008


The last few days were filled with moments of anxiety where I could literally feel my guts twisting into horrible little knots at all times, when I see no reason for such a thing to happen in the first place. It reminds me of the feeling I used to have right before I attended an interview or an exam. Even as I'm typing this I feel the same way, and after two and a half days, it is getting to be a pain. It's as though something is telling me that I ought to be worried about something, but what it is I honestly can't say...

I guess my problem lies in the fact that I do worry quite a lot about all sorts of things from the effects of global warming to the horror of how time flies, so it is hard to say anything for certain.

Ah, well.... I just wish those knots will go away, though....


  1. poor thing. I know the feeling. I had a solid hour of being freaked out over something I couldn't quite put my finger on this week. It used to happen more often when I worked in my previous job, so I'm hoping it will go away once the current stress is over.

    Yours seems to be ongoing, so I think you need some space from it. In the meantime try and set aside some 'me' time, and do something relaxing.


  2. Never would've guessed you worried THIS much. Oh, Terra, do take care of yourself. Now you got me worrying.. much and many hugs!

  3. I have those feelings too..It's always between 8.30am and 5.30pm which happens to be my working hours!:)

  4. Sorry about the anxiety. Hopefully you'll be able to overcome it soon.

  5. u ought to say it out, the things you're worried of...maybe that will help.

  6. aunty: Oh, it is partly due to the horrible stress. I think I've got a tad bit too much on my plate right now. But it will settle. It always does. Positivity rocks. And thanks for the hugs. *hugs back*

    orhan: The more you hang around, the more you find out. LOL! But I'm fine (mentally and physically)despite all the complaining you see here, so no need to worry. Thanks for the hugs. *hugs back*

  7. Vivek: Ha! Ha! That's a good one, man. :)

    travis: Thanks, I hope so too.

    zewt: That's true... I've actually posted one such post some time ago. But that was on the humorous side.

  8. drink, like mad, the only solution i can think of, drink till you can feel your skin melt off.

  9. orhan: (grins)

    kartik: ah, yes... so I can throw all those worries away for some time. I can picture the sight if I edo that. It'll be a hoot!


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