Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Not Just a Movie

How far do you think ahead when making a decision to do something? Could you possibly gauge what may happen as a result of you throwing a sharp stone into the water just for the sake of throwing a stone? What if the stone punctures a drum at the bottom of the lake and the drum actually contains poisonous chemicals that had been illegally dumped there? What if poeple use the water and everyone dies?

The question crossed my mind as I was putting away the Babel DVD about two years after most people have watched it (For the record, I'm not much of a movie person)

It was interesting to observe how the four different stories were brought together despite the fact that they were from four different places that spoke different languages. I think one of the messages the movie was trying to tell us is about how important communication is and the effects of miscommunication as well as what could possibly happen when people's actions are misintepreted due to cultural differences and discriminate stereotyping!

On the other hand, a subtle message from the movie is how much trouble can ensue from split second actions that are done without thinking through, or actions that you are forced to take because of the situation you're in. And then things spiral out of control... and all you can say is "I did something stupid"

Despite it being 'only a movie', you cannot deny that it could possibly happen to 'real people' around us as well. The thought of it is just plain distressing and depressing...

Anyway, on another more cheerful and totally unrelated note... I take this opportunity to wish my Muslim blog friends a Happy Ramadan.


  1. Haven't seen the movie but what you've said about it has certainly got me thinking about cause & effect in far more detail.

  2. oh babel is excellent and i so get what you are trying to say.

    I swore off diamonds after watching blood diamond. That film was outstanding as well

  3. haven't seen it... but must after your recommendation

  4. orhan: The thought bugged me the whole day, hence the need to post it up.

    got me thinking about cause & effect in far more detail. I hope this comes off in a positive note :)

    tazeen: Oh, I haven't watched blood diamonds, but I read someone's review (including spoilers) on it which is why I can see what you mean about giving up on diamonds...

    aunty: cool! I look forward to reading your opinion on it (if you choose to write about it) :)


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