Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Inspiration comes from the oddest places... I was in the oven room just now, baking some samples for a test I've done, when I was suddenly hit by a strong wave of intense heat and vaporised solvent from the depths of the oven when I opened the door. I was a bit woozy for a few minutes, and I'm pretty sure I lost at least a year of my lifespan there...

What I found interesting though was the fact that not only me, but all of us who frequent the oven room, shut the door with our legs, and stuffed the knobs into place using our knees.

Are we that lazy? Why is bending to stuff the knobs with our hands so difficult? Seriously if there was a way to open the door with our legs, we would do it... morever, our hands are usually laden with samples which had been removed from the oven... Helpful, aren't they? Good old knees...

I tried concentrating on what else I used my knees for (to check if the brain still worked after the dose of heat and solvent) and came up with this list:

1. When your hands are full of things and you want to move from one place to another, you push the doors open with your knees.

2. To balance a heavy load: e.g. a box full of papers

3. To rest a baseball cap/safety helmet. Apparently the size of the cap/helmet fits the bent knee perfectly

4. For self defence

5. If someone's asleep, and you want to wake them up, but the place is too noisy, a prod on the knee does the trick - 'tis a true story (The question of how can a person sleep through the noise still baffles me till today)

6. Do you have anything to add?


  1. 7. While sitting in a classroom, if you want to talk (non-verbal that is) to the girl-sitting-next-to-you, then knee-knee communication can be very effective. Basically, you move your knee slowly in a horizontal direction until it hits her knee. A single hit followed by a eyebrow raise in a particular direction might convey something like, 'check that out'. You get the idea...

    PS: This will only work if the subject is sitting very close to you.

  2. 8. They wobble, an indication that you're extra pleased when that special someone says something nice or gives you a special look. :-D

  3. You can use a knee to steer your car while you're applying your makeup, talking on your cellphone, reading the newspaper, adjusting the radio, and eating your breakfast.

    Face it, when driving, the steering wheel is really in our way and an annoyance, isn't it?


  4. 10. While asleep, if your comforter drifts away or goes out of alignment, the knee can help align and bring the coziness back..

    11. When your hands are full and you are in an elevator, sometimes you can use your knee to push the button..

  5. To send the message home to a pervert ... where it hurts the most.

    I would add another function for it, but it is XX-Rated ;-)

    Thank God for knees!

  6. nice! your knees do all these cool things? All mine ever do is get scraped and then take an eternity to heal. I'm still picking scabs from my last accident!

  7. My knees do less and less with each passing decade. Despite regular exercise, they seem to be the body part that needs the most coddling and that gives me the most grief.

  8. You use your knees to open doors? Usually if my hands are full I open a door with my elbow, mainly because my knees are occupied with trying to walk through the door. Although maybe my knees just refuse to multitask because of all the times I've injured them with my comical falling over.

  9. vjanand: hahahaha... looks like you've got plenty of ideas :)

    lizza: Hmmm... guess besides using them for all kinds of stunts, I have to pay more attention to them. ;)

    ian: Never done that before... maybe because I drive a manual (or stick shift) - not a big fan of the steering wheel myself, though

  10. pugly: yeah... and they deserve it too... kapow!

    kartik: ouch! sorry to hear that

    gem: quite sensitive, aren't they?

    aunty: I had a bad experience once with an attempt to push a door with the elbow stunt, hence the knees :)

  11. Prometheus though knees were for thinking with. He always thinks with his knees.

    There is also this sport where they use knees instead of fists to box. They call it Muay Thai but Prometheus calls it 'Knee-O-Fight' the neophyte version of that wonderful sport where men beat each other's brains to pulp.

  12. alethegoodsoul24/09/2006, 07:33


    sorry no knee thing but..


  13. prometheus: i just asked my knee (the left one) and she say she thinks too...

    alethegoodsoul: :D


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