Monday, September 11, 2006

1 less single friend

HK got hitched yesterday, after 7 long years of dating, 1 year and 2 months of being engaged, and 3 months after registration. (the engaged and registration is inclusive of the 7 long years, by the way)

She's the first to head on into a world which the rest of us don't belong to... and it's funny in a way. The HK we knew had was always laughing about some thing or another... even when she sometimes attempted to have a serious tone, the rest of us always found something funny about it. Like the time she said that she needed fake tears because her eyes were always dry.... (I mean, dry eyes are not something to laugh about, but the rest of us went ahead and laughed. If you were there, you would have too!)

During the ceremony, she actually managed to keep her composure and didn't burst out laughing, though she smiled when the cameras weren't focused on her... there's something about certain types of weddings where the parents and elders advise those getting married to try to be solemn - reason unknown though.

One thing that I thought was rather sweet was the presentation her brother prepared where he had gotten pictures of the bride and groom from the years long gone - childhood right up to the time they started dating and to the wedding.

So, there we have 1 less single friend now, although she will be living around the same area (her parents coaxed her and the guy to buy a house nearby, she being the only daughter)

Here's wishing her all the best! (Although I know she will never see this page - it being a secret and all)


  1. Almost all my friends are married now. And the majority also have kids. Wow. I'm like, old, and stuff.


  2. Changes like this can be bittersweet. On the one hand you're happy for your friend. On the other hand, it's kinda sad that things won't be like they used to anymore.

    Such is life. :-)

  3. another one bites the dust, eh? welcome to the club. the endangered species club. hehe...

  4. Somehow it's just not quite the same anymore when they're married ... even though they themselves stay the same person they've always been ... even more so when they start having kids ... you can't just call her up & ask her out for an impromptu get-together anymore ... after all, she has other priorities & responsibilities in her life now, more tha ever.

    But hey, the friendship will always be there ... no matter how much it has changed :-)

  5. Terra, I've had the same experience as Pugly. I hope you will do a better job than I did keeping up with my friend. I was married. She wasn't even dating anyone at the time. I would go visit her for the weekend before my daughter was born. And then I just got preoccupied with being a mother (okay...consumed). My being a mom and her not even being married created a greater gulf. I guess it doesn't have to be that way, but one's life experiences had commitments shape us and we don't always bend in the direction of our single friends. Now that I have been married 21 years and have sent my daughter off to college, I actually have more in common with my old friend and we've seen each other twice. Oh, well. So again, Pugly is right. The friendship was always there. It just got buried for a decade.

  6. alethegoodsoul12/09/2006, 06:18

    aw that sounds... so awesome!


    psh! I blame my boyfriend for getting me all sappy about it. Damn him...


    good thing is... still too young to marry (and too smart as well) hahaha

  7. ian: i guess the rift gets wider with the arrival of kids

    lizza: i agree... things will never be the same anymore, especially crazy secrets might reach the husband's ears :D

    desparil: yep, one down, a few more going... the others on the other hand might have to start saving $$$$ for the 'friend's wedding present fund'

  8. pugly: i'm sure HK will be as crazy as ever, but the mad merdeka gatherings we used to have for the past few years might come to an end... just left to be seen, though

    gem: wow... that's cool your friendship survived all these years :)

    alethgoodsoul: so your bf got you all lovey dovey... hehehe


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