Sunday, September 17, 2006

Let's Play Tag

I found this meme from It's a Blog Eat Blog World and tagged myself. Nothing surprising there. Ha! Ha! Ha! However just like Morgen, this word meme is rather new to me. Sounds nice, anyway... meme

Here are my answers...

1) How long have you been blogging?

I officially started on 11 April 2005... presently I have 2 active blogs, and 1 sleeping blog. The shortest lifespan of a blog under my name was less than a month. It was dying of neglect.... and then I painlessly killed it.

In short 1 year and 5 months

2) Why do readers read your blog?
Depends on which blog....
a) This one: I hope it's because the readers can relate to what I have to say, but I think it's most probably due to blogaholicism :D
b) The other one: This one's read by people who know me personally, and they are the 'ahem' stars of the show, or as some have said: they need the laughs
c) The sleeping blog: This is a special summarisation project which I undertook for a friend who doesn't read fiction but wants to know the stoy nevertheless. SO only that one friend reads it... I hope.

3) What was the last search phrase someone used to get on your sit?
- Engineers on tv. searched by someone from Germany
I suspect, like me, they most probably went away disappointed :(

4) Which of your entries unjustly gets too little attention?
Whoa... ever since I started being more proactive with the blog... there has been an overwhelming response like no other. I have no complaints... instead I would like to thank everyone who stopped by to read :)

5)Your favourite current blog?
Not fair... I like em' all. That's why I always go back for more... and stalk new ones... :D

6)Which blog did you read most recently?
Morgen's Blog

7) Which feed do you subscribe to?
None so far...

8) What bloggers are you tagging with this meme and why?
Once again, all of you who read this post, and as to why... just think of it this way... 'curiosity killed the cat, but it's been good to us humans' :D


  1. Bloghopping can be fun. Especially the 'Next Blog' thingy on the top can bring forth an equally learning and time-wasting experience. And of course can turn addictive in no time.

  2. alethegoodsoul18/09/2006, 08:38

    i'm... lazzzyyyyy

    i'll come back and do the survey thing later.

    oh and in that one question of why i read this blog or whatever.

    a... i like what i read!

  3. I read this one because I try to return the courtesy when someone reads and comments on mine. And since your posts continue to interest me, it's on my daily checks list. :)


  4. I like memes. Memes are fun. They give your readers a chance to know you a little bit better :-)

    BTW, the (real) answer to the 2nd question is: because this blog kicks ass! And judging from the number of visitors (& comments) you're getting these days, I'm not the only one who thinks so, too!


  5. terra-

    What's a meme? I'm so hopelessly last century.

  6. vjanand: hahaha... the next blog button was how I found my first few blogs to read... good tool, but now I use the database at bestest blog and a world of bloggers

    alethegoodsoul, ian and pugly: I'm touched... thank you :)

    gem: got this from wikipedia...

    The term "meme" (IPA: [miːm], not "mem"), coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins, refers to a unit of cultural information that can be transmitted from one mind to another. Dawkins said, Examples of memes are tunes, catch-phrases, clothes fashions, ways of making pots or of building arches. A meme propagates itself as a unit of cultural evolution analogous in many ways to the gene (the unit of genetic information). Often memes propagate as more-or-less integrated cooperative sets or groups, referred to as memeplexes or meme-complexes.

    The idea of memes has proved a successful meme in its own right, achieving a degree of penetration into popular culture rare for a scientific theory.

    Some proponents of memes suggest that memes evolve via natural selection — in a way very similar to Charles Darwin's ideas concerning biological evolution — on the premise that variation, mutation, competition, and "inheritance" influence their replicative success. For example, while one idea may become extinct, other ideas will survive, spread and mutate — for better or for worse — through modification.

    Some meme-theorists contend that memes most beneficial to their hosts will not necessarily survive; rather, those memes which replicate the most effectively spread best; which allows for the possibility that successful memes might prove detrimental to their hosts.

  7. Tag Im it :)

    Thanks for the bday wishes :) It actually ended up being a great day.


  8. BTW, Terra - I added you to my blogroll. Nice to have you aboard!


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  10. Hey.. i'm new here.. wat's tagging anyway? nice to meet you.. malaysian? take care ya..


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