Friday, September 29, 2006


This happens to be one of those days when I just allow my fingers to do the talking and the brain to not think too much. It's kinda nice to do that considering the fact that I've not been doing things like that lately...

The story through the eyes of Terra Shield:

"It's not too easy to exactly figure out how this thing started, but I guess that it stems from the desire to 'ahem' stalk other blogs. Another guess is that foxyfyrre started it first by creating a wall (2 actually) for us to expose our creativity. As the story unfolds, we have Reeholio who found the wall templates and created his own wall, followed closely by Gem. All this happened about 2 weeks ago"

But that's not all.

"Inspired by the blog enthusiasts, I decided to do one myself... not a really good idea, as the mouse and my palm don't really make a good pair... crooked lines and strange handwriting rule the day. And then I left it to rot in oblivion in an obscure folder in the computer at home. However, somewhere around yesterday, Lizza posted her wall on her blog, and I suddenly remembered mine. Here I portray my Humpty Dumpty's wall"

PS: Silversabre the dude with the talent for sketching may be interested in doing one himself...

So there's another thing bugging me now... a few days ago I heard this song on the radio and fell in love with it instantly... but as usual as it is in my case, I missed the song name and title, and even as I try to recall the tune, it refuses to come to mind. Sigh.

The only words that come to mind are the words everyone (or was it everybody?) and world. Just my luck too, that the said radio station refuses to play the song whenever I'm tuned in. I can't figure out who's the artist, or which era it's from... oh, the elusive song on the radio station!

Other things of note:
1. Fries which are cold and soggy actually don't taste too bad... but never leave them in a car to bake in the heat for 3 hours, because they get dry and can cause damage.

2. The same goes with vanilla coke... hot vanilla coke is tasteless and smells like teen spirit. Nah, melted ice cream...

3. I get stuck behind crazy drivers every evening coming home from work... A few weeks ago it was this lunatic kembara driver who kept on braking and induced almost heart attacks in me. And then the week after that was a mad guy in a Nissan who kept honking at the lorry in front and then progressed to hit it. You get the idea....

4. It a wonderful thing blogging on a Friday night while listening to your favourite songs (except for the new, elusive song)... the calm, the energy...

5. Woo hoo! It's the weekend! :D


  1. Hi Terra
    Thanks for the post, and great job on the graffiti. I hope you had fun with it. I started this Graffitimyblog idea as an interactive and fun way of creating a link exchange, but most importantly, drawing has become very important in my life, and it seemed to be a fun way to maybe inspire people to draw---even if they have never drawn anything before. I'm building the site with the hopes of getting as much art resources via internet and webpages, and blogs, and my own drawing, to help anyone that wants to learn more about drawing, or improve their drawing skills by providing links to sites with good information or online tutorials. I thought that the Graffiti idea would be a way of creating interest towards my blog to accomplish this goal. I sat on the idea for a couple of weeks, then I laid some groundwork to get it started. Then I waited, and finally I decided to email Rhys (Reehoilio) for some assistance to get the idea rolling, and boy did he help with it, including sending me his own submission. Send me a copy of your graffiti and I'll work on your link and the post for your wall and blog.


  2. That is the most fabulous graffiti wall I have ever seen! It's outstanding. So inspired and beautiful. WOW! Very, very exceptional post. And thanks for the heads up about the French fries.

  3. Have a good weekend! :-)

    P.S.: Crazy drivers seem to be out whenever I am, too.

  4. Just a hunch...could your song be "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" by Tears For Fears? I'm kind of a music guy and that's the first song that came to mind with those words in close proximity.

    1. Wouldn't that be a riot on the coroner's report...Cause of Death: Impalement by Multiple Stale French Fries.

    2. Mmmm...nothing like a nice cup of fresh, warm armpit to start your day out right.

    3. Crazy drivers are everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!!

    4. Yes it is, especially when the new season of Dr. Who is starting (here in America - it's already a year old in Great Britain).

    5. Woohoo! I heart the weekend. Someday my life will consist of nothing BUT weekends.


  5. Foxxfyrre: I had a great time doing the graffiti on the wall. Anyway, it's a great idea that you decided to share with the blogosphere :)

    gem: (blushing) gee, thanks :)

    pugly: you too! :)

    ian: thanks for the hunch about the song... but I happen to know the song you mentioned quite well... I had a good laugh at the coroner's report idea. Godd one! :)

  6. It's supposed to be good one!

  7. Hi Terra, great graffiti! Good on you for having a go. Fun isn't it?

    Regards, Rhys

    PS. Love the "World of Bloggers" icon on the right :-)

  8. Yeah, I had loads of fun doing it, not to mention that i used every possible colour that was in the palette :)

    "PS. Love the "World of Bloggers" icon on the right :-)" --- adds some colour to the template, doesn't it?

  9. I have Been Tagged!! Wooot!! :)

    Im busy on it now, I shall dedicate it to you for tagging me :)



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