Friday, September 01, 2006


I must admit,
I am a git,
For poetry I shall not quit.
Ha! This is what I get for listening to some of the songs on my playlist... bloody hell. The songs aren't even sad (Barenaked Ladies' It's all been done, Big Country's Big Country, BEP's Don't Lie to name a few) - and yet... here I am, feeling melancholic all of a sudden.
You arrived without a word,
Your colour green like broccoli,
Your presence like people mourning a dead bird.
Mood is low,
The sky cloudy,
With rain and hailstorm below,
And bread that is mouldy.
You're unwanted,
Oh melancholy,
Will my wish be granted?
PS: I must insist that I am no poet. My idea of this poem is mainly to get the rhyming going. Unfortunately proofreading it gives off a somewhat comical vibe. It's actually supposed to be sad :(


  1. I thought melancholy was blue... green is envy, no?

    Poems... gah! I hate them. (Yes, I do write some but it's mere necessity and I usually don't even bother revising them.)

    The best thing I can say is... keep on writing! Who knows, maybe one day you'll get something published 'cuz it's so damn good!


    I'm back for the weekend. Stupid school takes over my life... ghh...

  2. You're right about the colours green for envy, etc... but I needed to rhyme. Unfortunately, Broccoli sort of rhymes with melancholy and it's green. So I made do with the hopes that the poem would appear lets say different?

  3. the broccoli simile does stand out a little, and the mouldy bread

    hee hee :)

  4. Melancholy will never grant your wish b/c you say she's unwanted! Melancholy is sad now...

  5. Interesting. Prometheus would like to offer uncalled for advice. You may shoot the rhyme scheme in its rear. Free verse can be more touching and you really don't need blue blistering broccoli. Wot?

    Now what could rhyme with baju kurong?

  6. I love the word melancholy, terra shield. I am melancholy by nature (just like Romeo--Shakespeare called it having too much black bile). So, I enjoyed this exploration of melancholy. I'm going to go have a drink now...

  7. anisah: it's all because of the rhyming bug :D

    vjanand: an interesting perspective you've got there... but melancholy has to realise that my method if rejection is rather polite

    prometheus: there she goes in a baju kurong;
    making her way to the billabong.

    gem: I love the word too, especially after one of my favourite book characters laughed upon her friend mentioning that this other person had melancholic eyes


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