Tuesday, September 05, 2006

She has the key...

I was at a meeting just now and I saw a colleague. Not that I don't see her everyday, but there was a substantial amount of unpleasantness today due to her invasion of my dreams yesterday.
Before I go on about the dream (which does not involve ghosts this time, phew!) I might as well explain about this colleague. Lets call her KCT. She's quite fierce and prone to mood swings. I don't work directly under her, so I've been spared the harsh criticisms her subordinates receive on an almost weekly basis (or so I heard)

In this dream, however, I had to get her permission (and the key) to get to the bathroom. After asking a few rather ridiculous questions (eg: how desperately do you have to go?) she gave me the key, but chided me for wasting her time... what the hell?

The journey to the bathroom was even worse. I practically had to crawl through a tiny tunnel which had sand and stones that kind of grazed my elbows and knees (I was wearing shorts and a short sleeved top) I don't remember how the bathroom looked at all, but I woke up with a weird feeling and forgot all about the dream, until I saw her.

On a rather pleasanter note, though... I'm very grateful that our bathrooms are clean and nice where the doors are accessible at all times (unless someone's inside) and there's no tunnel of any sort nor is there a fierce woman (dragon) guarding the entrance :D


  1. you have some weird dreams lah..

  2. There is an inherent complexity in reading about someone else's dream on paper (or in this case, my monitor). In that, the reader visualizes the dream from his/her own context. And after going through that process, I can tell that this dream has some wierdness to it..

    Haha, this comment is just the same as the first one but I started typing and can think of nothing else to say..

  3. :D

    Just a thought though...
    If dreams were normal, would people have as much interest in them as opposed to when they're abnormal as can be....


  4. Whoa ... your dreams are pretty trippy, aren't they? :-)

    How I wish I have dreams like yours ...

  5. Well pugly, one thing i'm pretty sure of is that I worry alot before going to sleep (I maybe even unconsciously tear off some hair off my scalp judging from the amount of hair I find on the pillow each morning) but that - as in the worrying could contribute to the degree of weirdness in my dreams. Just in case you thought of giving it a try :D

  6. Weird dreams, oh yeah. I can totally relate. The most recent one I had was that a good friend was about to stab me. Really felt real; I woke up still feeling the pressure at my side.

    Makes you wonder sometimes what sort of junk we have in our minds. *sigh*

  7. There must be tonnes of stuff floating casually through our minds, fellow blog stalker... :D

  8. There's always one (if you are lucky) unsufferable person at every job. It is universal. I know some people hold a lot of stock in dreams. I think they are more symbolic and less literal than people realize. I once had a recurring dream where my teeth would fall out of my mouth in public and each time I'd have to catch them with my hands. I don't think the issue had a thing to do with teeth. Too weird, dreams are. I say, you need to have some passionate, sexy dreams filled with hunky boy-toys. Forget the abusive coworker stuff.

  9. Ah... dreams about hunky boy toys... THAT has been evading me all this while... damn!


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