Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The price we pay for language: A poem

This is the last place I'm supposed to be at on this rather quiet Tuesday night... I had initially planned to do a bit of studying considering the fact that I had actually gone ahead and signed up to sit for the external Japanese language paper. Yeah, and there's also a test on Monday (sigh)
So to appease the turbulence caused by the crescending amount of panic in me... I wrote this poem.
Why do I subject myself
And put myself on a shelf;
To learn a new language,
And acquire courage
Then suffer from chapter twelve.
The brain is swollen,
Most probably rotten;
Grammar sucks,
Aw shucks,
And everything learnt is forgotten.
Of types of 'keis' and 'meishis',
'Keyoshis' and 'doshis',
Help! I'm drowning,
In endless suffering,
I hate this life full of worries.


  1. alethegoodsoul06/09/2006, 06:27

    You're studying Japanese?! How cool! I want to do that! That way, I can read all the manga I want as well as watch all the anime I want without the need for a middle person to translate all into English

    Japan! Japan!

    I liked your poem. Funny in the sad way of things. :D

  2. Yes I am, for about 6 months now... but I haven't reached the level of being able to translate into English ;)

    Anyway, glad you liked the poem... Actually, your poem on paranoia inspired me to write poetry again :)

  3. Good for you to learn Japanese!! I couldn't do it, that's for sure.

  4. Poetry is a good thing, and this one was cute and funny.


  5. hehe that poem put the smile back on my face :)

    Very wind in the willows / Hobbit-ish :)


  6. Jill: It wasn't entirely voluntary... ;)

    Ian: Thanks for dropping by

    silversabre: Well, I am glad the poem made you smile...

  7. Here's lookin at more Haiku from ya, kiddo

  8. Just spent the evening going through your posts. Great blog!
    Thanks for your kind comments.

  9. Prometheus: Hmmm... haiku, must try that sometime :)

    kartik: thanks to you too!


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