Saturday, March 04, 2006

Say What?

Have you ever walked into a store, wanting to search for something when you're rather in a hurry, so you try to get some help from the sales assistants and your request gets a blank stare or a huh? followed by a blank stare....?

Not too long ago, I had to search for something at a music store, and naturally I turned to the sales assistant after looking through the alphabetically arranged display and being unable to find what I was looking for. The sales assistance gave 'the look'. I thought he couldn't hear me through the loud music at the store, so I tried speaking up a bit louder.

Apparentlly. he could not understand what I was asking for,

My question was: 'can you help me find (artist)'s cd (title)?

Yes? (I'm positively sure it was a question as the guy made no attempt to get to the rack to look for the cd)

Rephrased as 'can you help me find (artist's) latest cd?

''Oh... (comprehension finally dawning on him) we don't have it'

Pretty odd for a music store as there were about 5 titles in my list and they had none of the cd's in the store

February 18, 2006

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