Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The adventure that wasn't

It's been awhile since I last had a dream. Ok, maybe I did dream, but it most probably happened while I was in a deep slumber that i had no recollection of it at all (Read somewhere that if the dream occurs in mid sleep and if you don't wake up within 10 minutes after the dream is over, then you will never realise that you had a dream in the first place)

Well, last night I had a dream, totally unanticipated, but nevertheless inspiring (me to write this!)

Characters: Friends from all the different stages of life, childhood up to university (sorry colleagues!) But they were all mainly in the background...
Location: A cross between my old house in Taman Raja Zainal (albeit much larger), and some ancient architecture (most probably from one of the ancient history documentaries I've been recently watching but not paying much attention to)
Objects: 1)My car - it was parked in one of the lots in the building but disappeared the second time around. 2) Lots of noise - something from war movies or documentaries

Storyline: The layout of the area was similar to a shopping complex, with the car park at the same level. (A single story building...)

But I can't recall if I actually went there to shop or not... All of a sudden there was some sort of invasion (aliens, or bad guys... hmm something to ponder upon), and everyone had to swiftly but quietly move from corner to corner, leaning against the wall like spies in an adventure flick to the one and only exit from the place (the back door of my old house?) and wait outside on a small slope (Really reminds me of the old house).

Walking in a single file, in total silence, not daring to look up and not allowing ourselves to be seen (the enemies were now obviously inside looking for us... are they stupid or what?). This went on for a while, and suddenly i found myself back in, looking for transportation to flee the area and noticing the missing cars at the same time, and looking for a way out once again... the dream ended here as I had to get up. Wish I knew how it would have ended.

May 10, 2005

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